June 1st, 2021 Vending Technology News
Following a successful 18-month test of Bake Xpress fresh hot bakery vending machines in the San Francisco area with Canteen Vending Services, Le Bread Xpress anticipates it will triple machine locations by the end of this year. 

Le Bread Xpress this week announced that Canteen will be installing and managing Bake Xpress robotic bakery vending machines at its locations throughout North America.  

“This announcement represents a significant milestone for us and will allow us to accelerate our business in new markets and new regions. We are seeing great traction with both large distributors and small individual operators across the US and other locations worldwide,” said Benoit Herve, founder and CEO of Le Bread Xpress.  

Micro Market growth is on the rise worldwide as more consumers prefer the convenience and flexibility that comes from unattended retail but, with this convenient business model also comes the threat of loss, which only continues to grow by the year. 

Retail shrink totaled $61.7 billion in 2019 amid rising employee theft and shoplifting. Thankfully, with security products by Three Square Market, micro-market operators can have peace of mind in knowing that their micro-markets are protected from the threat of losses and shrinkage. 
Based in River Falls, WI, Three Square Market is a company that offers a wide variety of products that micro-market owners can use to grow their businesses including advanced security technology like their Night Owl 4 Camera. 

Fastcorp Vending’s next series of DIVI vending machines will incorporate an Intelligent Vending Machine Controller (IVMC) from Vendekin Technologies. The DIVI vending machine uses robotic, vacuum and user interface technologies to deliver just about any frozen, refrigerated or consumer product.  

Vendekin’s IVMC adds touchless smartphone access and the ability to select and pay for up to five products in one transaction to Fastcorp’s machine. According to Vendekin, IVMC capabilities reduce consumer physical contact with a vending machine by about 95 percent.  

“Mobile, cashless and touchless are the needs of the hour,” said Aroon Khatter, founder and CEO of Vendekin. “Over the last few years there has been greater demand for just in time convenience driven by mobile technology. Post COVID this has accelerated along with the need to reduce touch points for a consumer. Consumers wish for a seamless cashless mobile experience at vending machines but do not want to download new apps onto their phones. Our team viewed this challenge as an opportunity for us to use our technology for the greater good,” he added. 

In 2021, it’s not uncommon to find that some vending machines only accept cash and coins, but not credit cards. 

Thanks to the GreenLite Card Reader, a telemetry device that’s also a cellular module; operators can always make a sale regardless if a consumer has cash, credit, or a debit card with them. 

How Does It Work? 
This turnkey solution securely communicates the information to and from vending machines to the internet and server, so that operators can see the information on their computer, tablet, or another web browser-equipped device. 

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