March News
Advocacy Alert:
Tell Congress to continue supporting Afghan refugees by passing the Afghan Adjustment Act
Thousands of at-risk Afghans – after facing the trauma of the Taliban’s swift takeover – have been transported to U.S. military bases under temporary humanitarian parole, but soon that temporary parole expires.

When it does, refugees will face even more uncertainty.

Join us in calling on Congress and the Biden administration to find a legal pathway for at-risk Afghans whose temporary humanitarian parole is set to expire. Afghans deserve safety that lasts. Passage of the Afghan Adjustment Act is absolutely critical. The Afghan Adjustment Act will pave the way for at-risk Afghans to receive permanent legal status more quickly.

Thousands of Afghans who escaped violence and persecution are left without a clear path to safety in the U.S. We must help our new neighbors rebuild their lives with dignity.

Advocate for Afghans by telling Congress to pass the Afghan Adjustment Act.
Sample Script:
My name is [FULL NAME] and I am your constituent from [CITY, STATE]. [AS A PERSON OF FAITH/REFUGEE/VETERAN/COMMUNITY MEMBER], I urge you to support an Afghan Adjustment Act as part of the FY 2022 omnibus appropriations package. An Afghan Adjustment Act is critical to provide Afghan evacuees with the chance to apply for adjustment of status one year after arrival. Without an Afghan Adjustment Act, Afghans that the U.S. government evacuated don’t have a clear path to stay in the U.S. long term. Congress has repeatedly passed similar bills for vulnerable populations the United States has evacuated, and this legislation strengthens our communities and helps Afghans integrate and thrive. I encourage REPRESENTATIVE/SENATOR [NAME] to support the Afghan Adjustment Act as part of the FY 2022 omnibus appropriations package.
New Cultural Orientation Classes help refugees feel more comfortable in their new home
  • Learning English
  • Public Assistance
  • U.S. Laws
  • Employment
  • Health       
  • Personal Finance
  • Housing
  • Hygiene
  • Safety
  • Cultural Adjustment
  • Education
  • Transportation

Since August, Opening Doors alone has welcomed more than 700 Afghan refugees to Sacramento.

Our inventory of Welcome Kits has been depleted. To continue welcoming additional families, we need your help.
Last August, as the U.S. withdrew from Afghanistan and evacuated thousands of Afghan allies vulnerable to danger, communities like yours galvanized in unprecedented numbers to provide hundreds of Welcome Kits to our agency to ensure that every evacuated refugee family we welcomed would have a safe place to land.

As hundreds more continue to arrive, Opening Doors will be ready to give refugees the welcome they deserve.

But, to do so, we need to replenish our inventory of Welcome Kits.
Learn more about how to donate a Welcome Kit
Visit our website for more information about Welcome Kits including how to host a Donation Drive, how to shop our Amazon Charity Wish Lists, or to RSVP for an upcoming Drop Off Day.
If you have any questions about Welcome Kits or would like to host a Welcome Kit Donation Drive, please contact us at