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DECEMBER 2, 2019  

DOYLESTOWN, PA (Near Philadelphia)    


      Protests in Ferguson, New York and Baltimore
  rekindled an old debate about American Law
  Enforcement use-of-force. The perception that
  police officers are too aggressive has been fed
  not just by the high-profile deaths, but also by a stream of unflattering camera phone videos.
Because officers have to protect their own safety, as well as the safety of those around them, they only have a small amount of time in which to establish a communication mode that minimizes the risk of violence. Agitated, not-yet-violent individuals can often be directed away from violence through the proper use of de-escalation skills.
This interactive 8-hour class will help participants understand how stress and conflict can affect the thought process and decision making abilities. This class will discuss the fight, flight and freeze responses and how to deal with these responses using de-escalation techniques.
There will be a class discussion on how the use of video by citizens can affect the perception of the general public's feeling that police officers are out of control and why police officers feel very challenged by that.
Special attention will include topics on complacency, building community trust, the role of ego in the decision making process, communicating with people suffering from mental illness, the importance of proper training, how stress affects decision making, officer safety and the necessary use-of-force.
Case studies will be reviewed to include video samples from high speed pursuits to protests...dealing with the mentally ill to arresting a verbally abusive individual. Each student will receive handout materials that can be used for roll-call and in-service training.
Thomas Gillan is Executive Director of The P S U Crisis Management and Training Group, Inc. As a certified law enforcement trainer, Thomas has developed law enforcement curriculums in the areas of Human Trafficking, Law Enforcement Stress, Trauma, Suicide, Crisis Negotiations, Investigations, New Recruits and Human Resource Issues. Mr. Gillan has received numerous awards and recognition for his work from The U. S. Department of Justice, The U. S. Attorney's Office, The FBI National Academy, The Florida Department of Juvenile Justice, The Florida Department of Corrections, The Florida Catholic Conference of Bishops, The Orange County Sheriff's Office and most recently The 2012 Trainer of The Year Award from The Florida Network of Victim Witness Services.

All members of the criminal justice and legal community (sworn and non-sworn). 

  • Bucks County Police Training Center
    1760 South Easton Road
    Doylestown, PA  18901

· Monday, December 2, 2019
· Class starts at 8:00 AM Sharp -  and ends at 5:00 PM (Local Time)
COST:     $199 per person

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