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President's Message
"April is Autism Awareness Month" 
"Tips and Resources for Autism Awareness" 
"We invite you to visit our newly redesigned website!"

President's Message: 

April is always an uplifting month. Spring weather is trying to sprout (among the snow storms still sneaking in). With Spring comes awareness of new nature around us, and hope for new beginnings and the future. Spring also brings us Autism Awareness Month. Inside this issue, you will find some interesting articles about Autism Awareness. You will also read about our newly redesigned website, which is just the beginning of our new online initiatives. I'd love to hear your feedback.

Last month I talked about my newest initiative-training my pups, Darby and Delaney, to be therapy dogs. They have just begun basic training, and are practicing things every dog needs
to know, like "Leave It, Sit, Stay, Heel".  Now they are learning to go to their mats and lie down and "Stay" until further instruction. Their mats as well as "Stay" are a key focus of their training, so that they can go to with me to visit facilities as well as to my speeches. It will take some time to get them both to sit fully on their mats, as you can see, but we are making progress daily! I hope next month to have a little video to share of our progress. 
Therapy dogs can add a new dimension to life for a person with Autism, as many of our clients can attest to. 'Tails for Life' has already shared some stories with us, and I hope next month, Jake can share a story with you about the impact a therapy/companion dog can make.

Have a wonderful Spring, and let us all enjoy the new hope that this time of year seems to give to each of us.

Warm Regards, 
Mary Anne Ehlert, 
President & Founder
April is Autism Awareness Month 

What does that mean?? Whether you are a parent, family member, close friend or you just want to raise awareness about the challenges and accomplishments faced by individuals with autism, Austism Awareness Month lets us do that. Let's raise awareness year round and not just in April. Let's join and unite the acceptance and ensure people with autism can live in a society in which they are appreciated and valued.

So not just in April, but everyday let's embrace our differences, and accept and celebrate the individual.
"Spotlighting" Autism Expressed Articles 

Beth Hiatt Writes 'Let's Talk About Autism' Article for School Newspaper - Age 13  
from   Read the article here.

Phillip Reyes 'A Letter to Writers About Autism' - Age 12  from  Read the article here.

Amy Gavino 'What I Wish I Could Tell My Childhood Self With Autism" - Age 26  from   Read the article here.

Tips and Resources

Autism Treatment Strategies and Parenting Tips - from
A parent's guide to autism treatment and support. Click here for tips.

Glossary of Terms - from
A great listing of terms explained. Click here for terms.

Daily Routine Cards - from
Use this FREE tool to help your child learn the different steps involved in everyday activities such as teeth-brushing.  Click here for cards.
Are you a Walker?

Check out these dates for an Autism Speaks Walk in your area. Check the list here.

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