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President's Message:

Summer Vacation...

Where did it go? I started to write this message in late July, and here it is almost time to wrap up our vacations! How did that happen? I know that many of us make big vacation travel plans; others of us take "stay-cations" as they are now called. I did a variation of those, I did a "work-cation". Those of you who know me recognize that I often work from Wisconsin in August. It allows me some rejuvenation time to think about how we at Protected Tomorrows can better serve families. This August was no different. I have so many ideas... now it is time to sit down with our teams, and find out which are possible for 2017. Then the fun of announcing and implementing our new ideas to help families. Watch my message next month for a release of our new plans for 2017.

As summer wraps up, enjoy your Labor Day Weekend. Let's all hope for spectacular weather!

Warm regards, 
Mary Anne Ehlert, 
President & Founder

This summer we kicked off a new educational webinar series.  The first one was focused on The ABLE Accounts. We had great participation for that webinar! So many signed up that our systems couldn't handle the large volumes. We did record the first webinar, and it is linked for your viewing, on our website. Or, check it out here. I welcome you to listen to it. We will be doing another live webinar on the ABLE Act soon.  And even more exciting, we are coordinating many new topics as well.                                              
Stay tuned!

Protected Tomorrows sponsored the first ever Tails for Life golf outing. A wonderful time was had by the golfers as well as the visiting puppies! The golf outing helps fund Tails for Life's ability to help more families to obtain a service dog for their loved one. It is exciting to watch the growth of this organization. Next year's golf outing is schedule already, as we had so much fun at this year's. Save the Date! August 19, 2017. If you are interested in serving on the golf outing committee to help us make it bigger and better next year, please let us know.

As you know, I'm training my own pups, Delaney and Darby to be therapy dogs, working with Tails for Life. I'm starting to see significant progress, and I'm getting a little nervous about having to take them for tests! Here is a little video of some training for your education as to our progress. Watch the video here.
For more information call us at 920-269-8028 or follow us on Facebook. 

Riding a Bike: Why it Was So Important For My Son With Down Syndrome to Accomplish This!
By Roberta Costion 

When our son Jack was four, we got him his first bike with training whee ls. He  did well, but, as soon as we tried to take the training wheels off, it was a big NO GO!!! We never gave up, and neither did Jack. He wanted to ride a bike so bad. So, we looked into adaptive bikes, the large three wheelers, That was not what he wanted. He wanted a bike just like his brother 
and other friends. So, every day we practiced and everyday he fell down. He would get right back  up and would try again and again...year after year we practiced.

When Jack was 12, we got him a new bike, a standard two wheeler. He picked it out; it had a retro feel he loved! After 8 years of practicing and 8 years of never giving up, Jack took a cruise around our neighborhood with cheers and tears from everyone who saw him. Weather permitting, Jack rides his bike everyday, cruising the neighborhood, feeling as proud as he did the first day he made it around the block.

Don't give up!
The reward is even sweeter when so much sweat and tears go in!

Here are some Programs and Articles with great information.


iCan Shine Programs -
 iCan Bike programs are in 32 states and 4 Provinces in Canada serving nearly 3000 people with disabilities each year. Find a program near you here.
Adaptive Bike Charity -
This site has individual cycling clinics, adaptive cycling day camps and weekly adaptive cycling outings in St. Charles, IL. Learn more about these and their 'Adaptive Bike Giveaway' here.

"The Benefits of Bike Riding for Children with Special Needs" by Michael Furno for                                                      Read the article  here

Great video and article on  "iCan Bike" event in East Reno, NV
"For Kids with Disabiities, Learning to Ride a Bike Means Even More" by Ed Pearce for KOLOTV at                                                   Read the article here

This is a great article that includes 5 things you may not have thought about.
How to Teach Your Special Needs Child to Ride a Bike" by Joanne Giacomini for                                                          Read the article here

"Top 10 Reasons why you should get your child with Special Needs an adaptive bike" by Terri Oxender for                           Read the article here

Join Us! 

October 1st -     TACA
                        Crystal Lake, IL 
October 19th -   PACT Inc.
                        PACT Inc., Lisle, IL 
October 22nd - PACE Parent Group NLU
                        National Lewis University, Chicago, IL

Look for the next webinar on the ABLE Act coming soon!

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