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President's Message
Parent University 9th Class: The Recipe for Financial Success - August 20th at 7:00pm CST
Parent University 10th Class: Your Child is Aging Out - What Now? - September 17th at 7:00pm CST
Special Educators Consider How To Make Up For Lost Time
Getting Students With Disabilities Back to Class
Stride Rite Rolls Out Shoes For Kids With Special Needs
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President's Message:
Dear Clients and Friends,
Here we are nearing the end of our summer already.  The struggles and changes that have occurred in our world continues, and once again, we all find ourselves in the discussions as to how/when school might restart.  And politics, health scares, and volatility remain prevalent in our lives.
But on the positive side, many have expressed how blessed they still feel to have their health, their safe homes, family and friends, no matter how many fears we face.  It is the wonder of our faith in mankind that persists and allows us to continue to have hope.
I wish you all health and peace of mind as we go into the next phase of this year.  Continue to count on family and friends for the strength we need day to day.

Warmest regards,

Mary Anne Ehlert,
Founder & President

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Class descriptionThere are a myriad of insurance plans to understand.  Health insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, long term care insurance - what to use, when?  What makes sense?  The ABLE account rules are so confusing, and you don't want to make a mistake.  We will review the basics of the ABLE account and how to select the right plan for you.  How do we tie these accounts into the rest of our financial plan?  Now that you have all the ingredients, what recipe to we use to make a true cohesive plan and have financial success?

Powered by Protected Tomorrows and presented by Mary Anne Ehlert, President and Founder of Protected Tomorrows, we are proud to offer you our tenth a series of educational webinar classes: 

"Your Child Is Aging Out - What Now?"
   September 17th, 2020
 7:00pm - 8:00pm CST

Once your child is 22, they will start receiving social security.  Now what?  Where will your child live?  Where will they work?  Navigating the transition period can be overwhelming but also exciting.  It's not just about the place, it's about the right home, continuing education, job opportunities, recreation, and the rest that makes life safe and fulfilling.

Mary Anne Ehlert will host this free online Zoom webinar on September 17th, 2020 from 7:00 - 8:00pm CST.  Click here to register!

Special Educators Consider How To Make Up For Lost Time
by Janelle Retka, Yakima Herald-Republic/TNS

Kelli Weaver found herself fumbling as she tried to apply teaching guides from her second-grade son's classroom to math and reading lessons at home. The effort would often end in meltdowns rather than learning.

Parker, an 8-year-old in a high-performing autism class at the Yakima School District's Gilbert Elementary School, was accustomed to a certain structure in his classroom. He didn't understand why he couldn't be in school suddenly when buildings statewide closed in mid-March. His mom was managing his behavioral, medical and schooling needs on top of her usual daytime responsibilities. Parker's social and verbal skills began to regress and Weaver feared his academic progress from the school year would follow.

Statewide, roughly 143,000 students are eligible for special education and related services, according to the state Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction. As many as 8,000 students in Yakima County and 2,500 in the Yakima School District have disabilities.  Click here to read more.

Getting Students With Disabilities Back to Class

For many students with disabilities, access to education begins with transportation.

Plans for getting these students to and from school are spelled out in their Individualized Education Programs, the legal documents that govern schooling for students who are eligible for special education.

During the global pandemic brought on by the novel coronavirus, those travel plans could present a roadblock that hampers the ability of millions of children to return to in-person instruction.

Whether it is a special bus equipped with a wheelchair lift or aides assigned to help medically fragile children or those with severe intellectual disabilities on traditional buses, the requirements can be costly and tough to navigate even during normal times.  Click here to read more.

Stride Rite Rolls Out Shoes For Kids With Special Needs 
by Shaun Heasley | Disability Scoop

A major shoe company is unveiling sneakers specifically designed for children with special needs.

Stride Rite said this month that it is offering its first fully adaptive sneaker. Called Journey, the shoe features adjustable straps, longer laces, removable insoles, extra wide width and a pull tab to get on and off easily.

Company officials said that the new adaptive shoe is part of a broader initiative dubbed Project Fits Rite, which came about after they heard from a parent struggling to find shoes for her child.

In addition to Journey, the collection features a host of existing shoe styles with adaptive features.
Stride Rite worked with professionals at various medical centers, surveyed over a thousand parents of children wearing orthotics and conducted fit tests with kids to perfect the design of the Journey shoe.

The company said that it plans to incorporate adaptive features into more styles in the coming seasons.
In addition to Stride Rite, Nike also offers adaptive styles for kids. Zappos features a collection of shoes with accommodations for various special needs and recently launched a program that allows customers to buy a single shoe or create their own pair.

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