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President's Message

Toy Buying Made Easy For Kids of All Abilities   

Santa Claus is Coming to Town!   

President's Message: 
As we move from the Fall Season, into the upcoming holidays, there is sometimes so much "hub bub". We get so busy with parties, thoughts of shopping for those special gifts we want to find, and all of the other holiday celebrations. I thought it would be appropriate to think about all of the gifts we already have and sometimes forget that they are within us.

As I was writing this little note, I was distracted by a news headline about another shooting tragedy, like so many others that have occurred in our country, putting fear into our lives where fear before did not exist. And just a few days before, I got news from a very good friend about a significant health issue that is facing her son, a son who just a few days before was absolutely fine, and now struggling through a major life threatening illness. Life can be fragile, so how do we keep focused on the positives when we could be dealing with so many fears. So I wanted to remind you that each and every one of us, no matter what we do, how we live, and what we face, we all have so many gifts to think about. They are not gifts we buy in the store or make with our own loving hands. They are the gifts we are given to use as best we can, the gifts of Love, Kindness, Joy, Compassion and Grace. No one can take these from us, and sharing them only takes a minute. At any time, we can make someone's life better, with a kind act, a simple hug, or just a smile to say we understand.

I wish everyone a holiday season full of sharing, because by doing so, we make a significant difference, one person at a time.
Happy Holidays and a big hug to you all.  
Warm Regards,

Mary Anne Ehlert, 
President & Founder     

Toy Buying Made Easy for Kids of All Abilities
  by Sherry Manschot for Daily Herald Suburban Parent

This is a great article introducingoys R Us' Toy Guide for Differently-Abled Kids.  The guide is not just pages with colorful pictures it helps you decide what is best suited for your child..."Parents and other gift givers can choose toys that will not only engage but also help children focus on key developmental areas. So while your child is laughing and smiling with the Elefun Busy Ball Popper she is also be working on developing her fine and gross motor skills, social skills and visual skills. This is the purposeful play part." 

                                                 Click Here to Read the Full Article

                                               View the Toys R Us Toy Guide Here

Santa Claus is Coming to Town!

"A private event for children with special needs and their families to meet Santa"
Simon Property Group LP in Association with, and Autism Speaks have put together the opportunity to meet Santa with your child at malls in 38 states. 

Look here for the day and place that is closest to you. 

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