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President's Message  
New Year's Resolutions for Special Needs Parents
Tucson Non-Profit - Integrative Touch For Kids -  Spotlight
Music Programs Help Students With Special Needs
More Educational Tutorials Are Ready!!!
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President's Message:
Dear Clients and Friends,

2019!! A new and exciting year! The best part of a new year is that it is fresh and offers us the opportunity to think of new possibilities. I see so many new educational programs opening for our family members with disabilities. We are building a data base of programs, and will share it with you as we expand it. We have also added new educational tutorials on our website... check them out!

I'll be heading to Tucson next week to attend the Integrative Touch for Kids Annual Gala on February 1st. You can read about their programs in this issue. You can also participate in the Gala yourself by bidding online in their silent auction. What a fun activity for those of us trying to stay warm this frigid weekend! You can find the online bidding here: (click on Browse Items on the left panel).

Have a great start to your new year. Remember, every day is a gift,

Mary Anne Ehlert,
Founder & President

N ew Year's Resolutions for Special Needs Parents 

As the New Year is upon us and everyone is making their New Year's Resolutions, we thought we would share some inspiring ideas. First and foremost, it is OK to think about you first, to make decisions that make you happy and are good for your own well-being. As parents, whether you have a special needs child or not, we are constantly asking ourselves am I doing enough!!! We want to say yes, we all are, and we are doing the best we can, and that our children will benefit. We hope you enjoy the articles below and we hope they give you some clarity for the coming year. Here at Protected Tomorrows we wish you happiness and good health!

        Some inspiring ideas from the articles below include:
        I will be a better advocate for my child.
        I will give myself the credit I deserve.
        I will celebrate all achievements. 
        I'll be happy with anything my child will agree to wear.    

Tucson Non-Profit - Spotlight

Integrative Touch For Kids (ITK) was created when founder, Shay Beider's life was forever changed by one little girl in the hospital, who
was frightened and alone as she was about to undergo surgery. As a pre-med student, Shay witnessed this little girl go under anesthesia in a state of intense fear and in that moment something inside of her said, "No. It doesn't have to be this way." Shay understood the profound importance of caring for the whole child in body, mind, heart and spirit. Integrative Touch for Kids was founded in 2005 to honor that little girl, to protect children from unnecessary suffering and to address all aspects of the healing process.  Read more...

     ITK'S purpose is to enhance well-being, minimize suffering and facilitate healing for 
     families with children with developmental disabilities, genetic conditions, cancer, and 
    other chronic, acute and life-limiting illnesses

Integrative Touch For Kids website  -

  Music Programs Help Students With Special Needs

Music is universally powerful for people of all ages and backgrounds. It has the ability to provoke emotion, help us remember events and moments in our lives, and connect us together. Music has the capacity to touch every child, including those with special needs, and it can be an incredible tool in the education and socialization of children with all kinds of disabilities.

The interactive characteristic of music makes it a fun and extremely effective teaching tool. Countless studies have demonstrated that this
is particularly true for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other special needs like cerebral palsy, childhood apraxia of speech (CAS), and those with learning disabilities. Music education and exposure have also had a positive impact on children suffering from depression, ADHD, and anxiety.  Read more...

More E ducational Tutorials Are Ready!!! 

Our Educational Tutorials are ready for you!   We have added  7 more new ones.... 
  • Overview of the Application and Interview for SSI
  • Post Application Follow-Up for SSI
  • Medicaid Application - Washington
  • Medicaid Application - Kentucky
  • What's an IEP?
  • Benefits Access Program (BAP) - Illinois
  • Transition 
These 3-10 minute tutorials can give you answers to some of your questions as well as explain what to expect and the steps to take as you begin setting up benefits for your loved one.

Check out  all the tutorials here.

This is Where We Will Be...

Upcoming Speeches/Conferences/Events for 2019:

                 Tucson, AZ

Feb 26      Charting The Journey
                 Elk Grove, IL

Mar 14      Charting The Journey
                 Bolingbrook, IL

Apr 16      NEXT STEPS Plainfield 
                 Plainfield, IL

Apr 23      Day One PACT
                 Lisle, IL

                 Palatine, IL

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