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President's Message:

Summer's here.....with lots of activities, and lots of temptations. Nutrition and healthy eating plays a big part in our summer activities. This issue has some great information on nutrition with regard to children with special needs.

There's also lots of important big news this month. The first ABLE account has become available. See the article below. Protected Tomorrows will be offering webinars in the coming months to help you understand how you might use this new tool in your planning for the future.

Also exciting, is the progress on the new facility for Tails for Life. As you'll recall, I'm training my two pups to become Therapy Dogs. Tails for Life is the organization working with me to accomplish this goal. Tails for Life is a not-for-profit training service dogs for individuals with disabilities. They depend on sponsors to help them provide support to allow them to train the pups. This alleviates the training and care costs for families and allows the families to receive the pups at no cost. Learn more about this opportunity in the article below. If you know of anyone who would like to learn more about sponsorship, please contact us.

Have a healthy and exciting summer!
Warm regards, 
Mary Anne Ehlert, 
President & Founder

ABLE Act update: Hooray for Ohio!

On June 1, 2016 Ohio began creating STABLE accounts! These accounts are available to Illinois residents. Their website has lots of great information to help you get your account started.
Access Ohio STABLE account website here.    

  • Learn more about STABLE Accounts
  • What Are the Benefits?
  • Who is Eliglible?
  • Saving and Investing
  • Qualified Expenses
  • Phone number & email links

Able Accounts Make Debut  by Michelle Diament from

For the first time, people with disabilities can open special accounts where they can save money without jeopardizing their government benefits...   Read More

Tails for Life 

Tails for Life is dedicated to providing companion assistance dogs to service individuals in need. The approach that Tails for Life takes to successfully match dogs with clients' consists of interviews, observations, and an assessment of the client's needs. Tails for Life will educate the client, provide resources, and assist in the transition. Dogs are trained for a period of one to two years and there is a two to four week transition period.

The new facility is in the home stretch! Room is being made to help alleviate the ever growing waiting list for service dogs as well as Daycare, Boarding, and Board and Train for distant students. Sign up for Day Care and ask about the early pup!


Most individuals do not have the resources to raise funds on their own to pay for a service dog so, sponsorships are a way to help alleviate the training and care costs of each service dog. Tails for Life would like to eliminate that step and with your help, make a dream come true for a child in need. There are different levels for becoming a sponsor. If you are interested, please look over the Service Dog Sponsorship form here.

New Trainees!
Jake Guell

Sponsoring a service dog will change a life forever! 
For more information call us at 920-269-8028 or follow us on Facebook. 

Nutrition and Recreation
Every child is different... whether they have a disability or not...whether they have the same diagnosis or when promoting healthy eating and exercise it has to involve the parents. Incorporating healthy eating and exercise for your children is hard especially for families these days. We have included some articles to help you help your child have a more fulfilling healthy lifestyle. As you read the articles, think about your next steps to finding a program for you child:
  • Contact your local support groups to see if they offer any exercise or nutritional programs
  • Call your local health club to see if they would offer a program to your child and his peers
  • Call your local park district
  • Special Olympics
You will never know unless you ask!

General Guidelines are provided in these articles to help get you started or add to what you already are doing.
Nutitional Articles

Nutritional Issues and Special Needs Children
By Claire Capaldi  from       Read the full article here

Nutrition for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
By Karen Ansel, MS, RDN, CDN  from       Read the full article here

Top-five brain boosting foods for children with learning disabilities
By Author Guest   from        Read the full article here
Four Stories: Parents and Children Working Towards Healthy Weight
from           Read the full article here

Recreational Articles
SRANI Special Recreation Association Network of Illinois
from          Read the full article here

Relationship Rescue: How Do I Get My Child Interested in Sports
by Robin Newman  from                Read the full article here

Fit and Flattering-Special Olympics North Carolina Athletes is Living Healhier
from             Read the full article here

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