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President's Message  
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Sunflower Bakery - Spotlight
New Option for Money in Donor-Advised Funds
Protected Tomorrows Directory Additions: ShareCare Network and Cerebral Palsy Group
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President's Message:
Dear Clients and Friends,

Phew! It has been a whirlwind of activity this past month! It seems that more and more families are wanting to take charge of their lives. Conversations revolve around understanding government benefits, planning for the well-deserved retirement of parents while making sure their family member with a disability has a continued safe and fulfilling life, and putting in place the TEAM that is needed NOW so that we as parents have confidence that we have done all we can. We, at Protected Tomorrows are identifying how we can best help families in these future planning options, and it has been FUN for us to do this. Those of you who know me personally know that I love teaching. So we have identified some important topics and we are creating programs to share with you in many formats, including online classes, Zoom classes (with groups), and in person classes at our Protected Tomorrows Training Center.

I realized I haven't shared my progress with my pups training recently. Here are some pictures of them in training. I love the one where Darby is looking at Delaney, as if to say, " She wants us to do WHAT now?  Doesn't she know how cold it is out here?".  But then there is also the one where they are both looking like they want to say, "Y es, it is a wind chill of 50 degrees below zero, but these jackets are dorky".

But what makes me feel the most grateful is the progress I see with the Tails for Life pups, as they get ready to go home to children with disabilities to make lives better.

This newsletter has many other bits of great information to share with you: A new bakery training program, a new foundation to impact medical research, and new additions to our online directory of resources we thought you'd like to read about.

So as we journey through March, remember Spring is just around the corner. Enjoy!

Warmest regards,

Mary Anne Ehlert,
Founder & President



Protected Tomorrows presents...

Online Class: Building A Life Plan
Protecte d Tomorrows' Parent University brings you our first 
in a series  of educational wo rkshops...

"Building a Life Plan - What It Takes and How To Begin"

Mary Anne Ehlert will host this online Zoom class on 
March 28th, 2019 from 7:00 - 8:30 pm CST.

Workshop: Retiring for 3! 
Protected Tomorrows brings you... " Retiring for 3! " Workshop.

Mary Anne Ehlert will be presenting, in person, an in depth look 
at what Retiring for 3 means. This workshop will be held on April 10th, 2019 from 6:30pm - 8:30pm at the Protected Tomorrows Life Care Training Center in Lincolnshire, IL.

This workshop is available to you at no cost.

Sunflower Bakery - Spotlight  

One-of-a-kind inclusive training program for young adults...

Sunflower Bakery is on a mission. They are a non-profit organization that combines skills training with actual work experience to prepare individuals with developmental or other c ognitive disabilities for employment in baking and related food industries. They work alongside adult volunteers and staff, who do not have disabilities, to better simulate  a typical bakery  experience.  Click here to read more!

New Option for Money in Donor-Advised Funds: The Cavendish Impact Foundation
By Temma Ehrenfeld

This would be a good resource for entrepreneurs...

It happens all the time: brilliant scientists see their medical research sit in the lab, and innovative entrepreneurs can't get past the early stages. They need money. Meanwhile, Americans with unmet medical needs suffer.

As a Managing Director of Easton Capital, a healthcare and life science venture capital fund, Richard Lipkin has been saddened for years by the many promising ideas he had to turn down.  Traditional venture capital funds need to focus on companies with a high profit potential to justify high risk.  So Lipkin, combining forces with Cavendish Global, an organization that helps family foundations connect with health and life-science companies, created a new option: a non-profit venture capital fund.   Click here to read more!

Protected Tomorrows Directory Additions

We have an abundance of useful topics, resources, and companies to help you in every aspect of the care and development of your loved one.  Here are our newest directory listings:

ShareCare Network
ShareCare Network provides a platform for special needs families to 
exchange free respite care services. Families who are approved through an application process and background check participate in a shared calendar where they can request care or sign up to fill another family's care need.  We also have a core of trusted network volunteers to provide respite.

Cerebral Palsy Group
Cerebral Palsy Group is an online resource for anyone who has been affected by cerebral palsy, birth injuries, or brain injuries. Our team was created so we can provide answers and all types of assistance needed to help improve the quality of life for loved ones and family members with  cerebral palsy.

This is Where We Will Be...

Upcoming Speeches/Conferences/Events for 2019:

Mar 14      STEP Bolingbrook Campus  
                 Bolingbrook, IL

                Online Zoom Class

Apr 10      Retiring for 3! Workshop
                 Lincolnshire, IL

Apr 16      NEXT STEPS Plainfield 
                 Plainfield, IL

                 St. Paul, MN

                 Charleston, SC

For more information on these  click here.
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