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President's Message
"A Comprehensive Guide To Special Needs Travel" 
"Tips and Resources- Air Travel Preparation" 
"Special Needs Travel"
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President's Message:

Vacations! Yes, we all wait for that summer vacation.  But, sometimes, in the world of special needs, it takes extra coordination and planning. This issue focuses on some ideas to streamline the summer trips.

I've also included the next steps in Darby and Delaney's journey to become therapy dogs. This month, it was learning to walk side by side, while paying attention to me and my pace. Hope you enjoy their short video as we take steps each month towards our goals.

Watch Darby & Delaney walking together.
Warm Regards, 
Mary Anne Ehlert, 
President & Founder
"A Comprehensive Guide To Special Needs Travel"
It's time away from our daily routine, someplace new to explore, something new to learn about, or someplace familiar that we go to relax and recharge. Vacation! Just the word 'vacation' gets us thinking... it's the next thoughts that get a little harder..where? how? who? We have found some great resources that may well help you out with all of these.
    • 7 Travel Agencies for special needs travel
    • A Special Needs Pre-Flight checklist
    • 32 Vacation Destinations for Individuals with Special Needs
    • Packing for the Plane
    • A Special Needs Guide to Airports
    • Do You Have Your Access Pass Yet?
    • 70+ Tips and Tricks for Special Needs Road Trips
    • Your Rights as an Air Travelers with a Disability
    • Airplane Travel: 5 Books to help prepare your special needs child
So many answers, check out the full article   here.

Tips and Resources for Travel

"Air Travel Preparation" from
We found this article to be very informative with   Tips from Other Parents ~ Tips from TSA Customer Service Manager ~ Travel Resources for Families ~  Condition Specific Travel Resources ~ Portable Medical Forms.  Find out more here.

"Special Needs Travel"   from 
This article has some great insights...from Planning, Packing to Where To Go including City Travel, Theme Parks, Cruises to National Parks to a great list of the 'Best Special Needs Vacation Spots'.  Check it out here.

Start planning your summer vacation now!

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