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President's Message:     IEP---Individual Education Plan!   What does this mean??
Definition of IEP
Short and Sweet of IEP Overview   
Checklist for before and during IEP meeting   

President's Message: IEP---Individual Education Plan!   What does this mean??

Well it means that your child has rights to an education based on their needs, it's the law.  Before going to your IEP sit down and write down attainable goals for your child.  It can be as easy as at the end of the school year I want them to be able to count to 10, or tie their shoes, or say 10 words in a sentence.   It is called Individual because each child has different needs.  Do research in your area, for example if your child is only getting 30 minutes of speech and is non-verbal find out what the maximum minutes for speech is in your state-region.   We have attached some great articles to have a successful IEP, but I want to share something with you that is the most important...You are your child's advocate voice and you and only you know your child best.

In this issue, we have a some great articles and a checklist that will help you prepare for a successful meeting. Enjoy!!

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Definition of the Individualized Education Program (IEP) - by Martha Furlow

This is a great article on with information on IEPs explaining Legislative History, Legal Requirements, and Designing and Implementing IEP's.

The Short and Sweet of the IEP Overview - Center for Parent Information and Resources

The Center for Parent Information and Resources website helps answer such things as:

* The IEP Purpose?
* Who develops the IEP?
* When is the IEP developed?
* What's in an IEP?
* Can students be involved in developing their own IEPs?

Read the whole article here...

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Here is a checklist from that you can use as a guide before and during your scheduled meeting, along with definitions.
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