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President's Message:     Its a Dog Life!
Shared Experience:        Are you considering a service dog for your child?

President's Message: Its a Dog Life!
Those of you who know me well know I'm a real dog person. I have two wonderful (and sometimes pretty rambunctious) white golden retrievers, Delaney and Darby. Over the years, I have gotten to know their breeder Judy Emerson pretty well. One day she called to tell me about a young girl in Wisconsin with a disability who needed a companion dog. She wondered how I could help. And that is how I got involved with Jake Guell, a dog trainer with a big heart. It is how I learned the difference a dog can make in the life of a person with a disability. 

We at Protected Tomorrows helped support the mission of Tails for Life, and many of you may remember when Charlie the Service Dog visited us at the Protected Tomorrows Corporate Offices to show us her magic. It was amazing to watch her pick up dropped phones and bring Kleenex to the audience members who sneezed!

In this issue, we will get some tips on how and why to consider a Service Dog for your family member. Enjoy!!

Warm Regards,

Mary Anne Ehlert, 
President & Founder

Shared Experience: Are you considering a service dog for your child?

Service Dogs - By Jake Guell, Founder of Tails for Life

Pet therapy dogs come in all shapes and sizes, bringing support to people in different types of environments. Therapy dogs can help individuals both emotionally and physiologically by providing emotional support in the form of attention and affection.

Many call it unconditional love. They can be found roaming the halls of nursing homes and hospitals, stopping room to room to cheer up each individual's day. They can be found in schools and libraries, providing nonjudgmental support to children. Therapy dogs can be essential in times... Read whole article  here...

Dog for Your Special Needs Child? Pros and Cons - By Deborah Hall

Dogs and children... if you are anything like me, you believe passionately that this is a combination made in heaven. There is something about the relationship that seems inherently designed for good things. 

For a child with a disability and all the accompanying challenges most face, a dog can be even more magical. And this is why the idea of acquiring an assistance dog for a child makes a lot of sense and is, on paper at least, very appealing.... Read whole article here...

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