July 2017
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Corrosion Protection and Indicators.

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Here's our Top Ten List of things to help prevent corrosion in control panels and electrical enclosures exposed to moisture, landfill gas, and other application & environmental factors. 

Change corrosion inhibitors every year. Each control panel and breakout junction box EPG manufactures has one installed.

Change desiccant dryers when color changes from blue to pink. If the desiccant material has turned white, it is no longer protecting the level sensor from moisture.

Seal-offs should be installed in each conduit run between riser/sump and control panel. Seal-offs are ineffective unless the damming fiber and sealing compound are in place so be certain this is done.
Since electrical conduit threads are straight and do not seal, they should be sealed with Teflon™ tape. *This does eliminate conduit as a ground so a separate ground wire must be installed.
Make sure enclosures are plum and level to insure doors are straight and seal properly. Inspect doors and make sure they are not bent and keep them closed. 
During inspection of control panels and breakout boxes, make note of any signs of water stains, discoloration of fuses, wiring, or terminal corrosion. These are signs that the enclosure has been compromised by moisture and/or gas.

Any evidence of insect or small animals inside the enclosure should also be addressed. 

EPG recommends that control panels be mounted in a secure fashion at least 15' from the riser or sump and 36" above grade to the bottom of control panel. If in the design stage, please strongly consider these recommendations.

Reinstall and/or replace cord restraints and replace o-rings of Meyer's hubs after any cable repair or maintenance is performed.

Use water-proof wire connectors where ever wire connectors are needed.

To order corrosion prevention products or for assistance identifying corrosion sources,
call 1-800-443-7426  or
email us at info@epgco.com
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