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Protecting High-Risk Individuals
A color-coded health guidance system has been developed by the State of Utah to guide health behaviors for individuals and businesses. Each level of the dial is guided by a rigorous measurement system which can be different by each region, county, city, or community.

In every color, high-risk individuals operate under stricter instructions because they are more likely to suffer severe illness from COVID-19.

While Utah has moved to the moderate risk phase, individuals in high-risk categories, including older adults and those who are immunocompromised, should continue to follow “high risk” protocols, and exercise all possible caution. Individuals who work or live with persons in high-risk categories should also continue following “high risk” guidance.

Manufacturers Behind The Masks
“A Mask for Every Utahn” is a state of Utah initiative, in partnership with the Utah Manufacturers Association, to help Utahns who may not have a face mask and are returning to the workplace or going out in public.

Utah Manufacturers Association will be highlighting the manufacturing companies who are working hard to #MaskUtah. Watch our emails to learn more about each company.

Tell us about your manufacturing company?
At Autoliv, we are committed to saving more lives by providing world class life-saving solutions for mobility and society. We develop and engineer automotive safety solutions to save lives and prevent injuries on our roads.Autoliv has operations in 27 countries with ~65,000 employees worldwide. In Utah, we operate in 6 facilities with 3,986 employees.

What products are your company known for?
Our product portfolio consists of airbags, seatbelts, and steering wheels. Every year, our products save over 30,000 lives and prevent ten times as many severe injuries.
How has working on the “A Mask for Every Utahn” project impacted your company, workforce and processes during the COVID-19 pandemic?
As Utah’s largest manufacturing employer, Autoliv is presented with challenges to save more lives on the road everyday through the design and manufacturing of airbags, seatbelts, and steering wheels. During this challenging time of COVID-19, the company is using its laser cutting equipment and prototype sewing bay to work with the State of Utah to produce masks as part of its efforts to help protect the citizens of Utah. Twenty employees from the prototype lab at Autoliv’s Ogden Technology Center have dedicated their efforts to focus on making quality masks that will be used by health care workers and those that need them across the state. 
What has your company learned about being nimble during the COVID-19 pandemic?
Autoliv has a deep background in lean manufacturing, this lends itself to be able to react quickly to volume fluctuations and changes in demand within the auto industry. The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged us in many ways. It is one thing to react to the normal fluctuation in the auto industry but to have it grind to a halt is another. We have learned to refocus some efforts, we are making medical gowns in one of our plants in Canada and masks in both Mexico and U.S. 
Other crucial items the we have learned is to understand safe start plans across the globe and to ensure the safety of our employees when we do return to work at full capacity dealing with this pandemic. This work is also being done at the supply base ensuring that they can and are able to return to work safely. 
Our teams have learned to work remotely, running the business from home where possible and bringing teams even closer together. This takes strong leaders and great teams to keep up this level of work. One key item is to accelerate some of our workshops that will drive improvement and savings in the future. Our workforce has also stepped up and working items that they would under normal conditions not be involved in. This has allowed both personal and professional growth.
These are challenging times for any company and the Autoliv team is looking to help its employees and community in any way possible.

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The UMA’s Center for Business and Continuous Improvement is gathering information to help Utah manufacturers deal with the latest COVID-19 related information. UMA’s Center exists to directly help Utah manufacturing companies enhance their competitiveness, productivity, and performance.

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