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Protecting Productivity
      "True productivity always gives maximum results 
        with minimum efforts"
     - Ralph Emerson

As a mechanical contractor and preventative maintenance company we understand that we may care for the environmental systems of your building, but in reality, we protect your productivity. When your work environment is uncomfortable, irritatingly noisy, or somehow physically unpleasant, it will affect productivity.

This issue of COAC Trends offers articles to help you protect your productivity and hopefully increase your comfort and effectiveness in the process. If you would like to learn more about any of these topics, please call your COAC Account Manager who would be happy to help.
Our goal is to bring you new ideas and to keep you informed about trends in our industry. We want your feedback. If you have any ideas or comments about the newsletter please contact -
3 Ways to Improve Winter IAQ & Productivity
Winter IAQ Problems According to some World Health Organization experts, 30% of commercial buildings in the U.S. have poor IAQ, which is linked to respiratory illnesses and allergies. In addition to shouldering the medical expenses of sick workers, U.S. businesses experience as much as a 33% drop in worker productivity due to poor IAQ. But there are ways to decrease airborne disease transmission and have a healthier building. Read More Here
Dealing with HVAC Noise Complaints
Bothersome HVAC noises aren't just annoying for occupants, they can also indicate HVAC dysfunction. Examine possible causes to determine where the problem lies. You may end up with a solution that can both save energy and contribute to occupant satisfaction and productivity.  Read More Here

HVAC Acoustic Pathways
Creativity for productivity How Creativity Can Maximize Productivity
Work Smarter, Not Harder
Feeling out of "juice"? Being able to harness your creativity in business, and in life, is a skill that can be nurtured, and drawn upon when needed. Steve Jobs once said, "Creativity is just connecting things." So what are you doing to "connect things"? In a short piece found on the Huff Post Blog, it encourages you to feed your creative pipeline, make connections, and then apply the ideas.  Read More Here
R-22 is Banned-Whats your plan Preparing For a Future Without Any R-22
The EPA's release of the R-22 phaseout schedule has provided a better idea of how fast R-22 refrigerant will be eliminated. Building owners and managers can now plan for it over the next few years. A big part of that preparation is education.  R-22 will be gone soon so now is the time to make decisions about your HVAC equipment. In Sacramento, 70-80% of commercial buildings still have R-22 systems in operation. What's your plan?
COAC New or Recently Completed Projects
COAC continues to grow and take on new clients and more challenging projects. Listed below is just a sample of some the recent project highlights:
NASA Ames Research Center - Design build new cooling tower complex
Vanden High School - Building remodel with new efficient VRF system 
Fremont Mercedes Benz - New showroom construction 
Consumnes River College - Hydronics and industrial piping replacement  
VSP - New manufacturing facility  
Stockton EDD - New water source heat pumps for office space 
Dignity Health - MRI scanning rooms HVAC upgrades
WellSpace Health - HVAC redesign for OSHPD certification
Phoenix Apartments - Complete remodel of fitness center 
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March 2015
Industry Events Calendar

Industry Events:

3/6   Region Builders Billiards Tourney 


3/12  SRBX St Patricks Day Bash 


3/12   CREW March Program 


3/12  IFMA Happy Appy Club 


3/18  IFMA March Program 


3/19  ACRE Broker of the Year 


3/19   BOMA Mar Luncheon 


3/20  SRBX ACE Awards Banquet

3/26  RECON Mixer

4/1   SRBX Safety Training Expo

4/9  BOMA Billiards N'More

4/9  CREW April Luncheon

4/16  BOMA April Luncheon

5/7  IFMA Golf Tournament

5/7  IREM Mixer
If you would like to include your industry association event in the COAC Trends Newsletter, please contact Chris Tejeda at
COAC Customer Comments:
We are exceedingly grateful to our clients who trust us with their building investments. Here is a recent comment from one such customer:

"I am very pleased with the field work carried out by COAC and the helpfulness of its office staff.  I've found (service technician) Lou Coghe to be exceptionally reliable and conscientious in keeping HVAC systems running and quickly solving technical problems."
Lynn Houlihan ,  Owner
Iron Point Development, LLC.

Vanden High New Library
COAC is finishing up on a project for Vanden High School in Fairfield, CA., with a lift of VRF equipment on the roof. This new library will take advantage of an advanced variable refrigerant flow (VRF) system that is very energy efficient and low maintenance.

First lift for Vanden HS new library

New VRF Condensing Unit overhead

Landing VRF Condensing Unit on Roof of Vanden HS

Landing exhaust fan on roof of Vanden HS

New Vanden HS Library nearing completion
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