For Earth Day, REC Seeds The Future

A half-dozen trees will grow for decades to come. Hundreds of kids better understand electric cars. And more than 1,000 seed packets are now in the hands of children (and parents!). That’s all thanks to REC’s arborists, who visited schools and parks for Earth Day events - such as the tree planting held recently at Tappahannock Elementary School.
The Power of Change: Making an Impact
Most of us hope to make a difference in our communities, but sometimes other obligations make that difficult. That’s why many people find The Power of Change so convenient. Money raised supports those in need. Simply round up your electric bill to the next whole dollar – or you can
make a onetime gift or set a monthly amount you’d like to donate.
Cooperative Sunshare: Solar Made Easy!
Cooperative Sunshare from REC let's you harness the sun to power your life. Start small with one to four blocks. Your participation supports renewable energy and is helping Virginia go green.
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