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April 2021
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Front Porch Stories: Earth Day Edition
Wednesday, April 21 at 4 pm
Professional storyteller Sharon Clements is back to tell folktales and stories reminiscent of long, hot summer evenings on Mama Lela's front porch in Mississippi, presented virtually via Zoom. To celebrate Earth Day, Sharon will be telling folktales and stories about the Earth.
Please send an email to info@cellardoorbookstore.com to RSVP. Storytelling is a testimony of community, healing, and the power of words — we hope you'll join us!
Protecting Our Planet
We heard from many of you about how much you loved Worthy Picks's Buluh straws. Just in time to celebrate Earth Day, we're now selling Worthy Picks's reusable produce shopping bags, bamboo utensil sets, and toothbrushes, too. Now more than ever, we need to do more than just celebrate this beautiful planet for one day of the year.
April Staff Picks
Gold Diggers by Sanjena Sathian (on sale 4/6): The gold rush, the fountain of youth, folklore, and magical realism combine in a refreshingly modern and original novel that gifts its readers with an incredibly relatable portrayal of American teen life in G.W. Bush era’s Georgia suburbs, before plunging us into Silicon Valley ten years later for a subtle but powerful exploration of what the American dream is to children of immigrants. Gold Diggers is a feast of a story that swings from teen angst and laugh out loud humor to tragedy, from folklore to hard reality, and finally culminates in a heist that would make the Rat Pack proud. It breaks apart the mythology of monolithic culture with the perfect alchemy of humor, magic, and irresistible albeit flawed people. Let it sweep you off your feet. -Karen
Concrete Rose by Angie Thomas: Myths of race, the “problems” that keep people poor and without a path out, the idea that this comes from within rather than from a system poised to strip people of all they have strived for – meet your Kryptonite. In the masterful hands of Angie Thomas, we delve into the life of Maverick Carter: a senior in high school whose father is in prison but whose legacy as the leader of the King Lords follows Mav in the streets of his neighborhood. But life truly twists when he fathers two babies. Myth detectors are going off all over right now, because if you point to that fact and dismiss the humanity, struggle, love, and pain that goes into Maverick's story and how he emerges from all this as amazing father, the loss is absolutely yours.
Lobizona by Romina Garber: According to Argentine legend, the seventh consecutive daughter is a bruja, the seventh consecutive son, a Lobizono, but step into the world of Manu Azul and watch the old barriers, the old ways that deemed some abominations, some illegal, crack open. Manu has lived a sheltered life in a small apartment in Miami. Her mother is undocumented and Manu’s unusual eyes draw far too much attention to her, but when her mother is taken by ICE and her surrogate grandmother is attacked, Manu discovers a world she thought existed only in dreams and a family history straight out of myth. Adventure, magic and folklore, romance and a powerful story of identity. I love this book and the next one is coming in August!
Celebrate National Poetry Month
This month, we're celebrating the illustrious poets of the past, but also the vital and diverse voices of today who enrich our cultures and inspire every generation with the vastness of their creativity and relatability. We have a great selection of poetry. Come on by for recommendations from our booksellers, or you can call or order online.
The Tradition by Jericho Brown: Winner of the 2020 Pulitzer Prize for Poetry, Finalist for the 2019 National Book Award, and 100 Notable Books of the Year, The New York Times Book Review. "... rich with music and spirituality—of Jericho Brown’s own making. Here, in received and new forms, the language is plainspoken and concise; the voice(s) self-aware, self-reliant, seasoned. The Tradition is a lesson in the power of craft." - David Eye, Lambda Literary
Hybrida by Tina Chang: Named a Best Book of 2019 by NPR and Publishers Weekly. "Hybrida reminds us of a shared responsibility to protect the most vulnerable and to cherish bodies as fragile and wondrous. Many of the poems grieve relatively recent and high-profile losses of somebody’s child, including Michael Brown in the poems 'Creation Myth' and 'Timeline for a Body: 4 Hours, 6 Bullets.'." - Rachel Carroll from Los Angeles Review of Books
Dearly by Margaret Atwood: "Atwood’s...first collection of poems in over a decade is a good reminder of her mastery of the craft. In Dearly, Atwood’s inspirations run the gamut from the intoxicating pleasures of nature to the fantastical goings-on of zombies, but the themes are grounded in the familiar: love, loss, desire, and the inevitability of time passing. Atwood blurs the lines of what we know and asks us instead to give credence to what we feel." - Time
Book Club Schedule
Book clubs will continue online; you should be receiving information about them the week before your scheduled book club. As there are no fees to join any of our book clubs, we ask that you please order book club selections from us! We've included links in all of our event listings so that you can easily order online.
Book Clubs for Adults
Cellar Door Book Club
Meets the second Sun at 2 pm
April 11: Things in Jars
May 9: Valentine

Mystery Book Club
Meets the third Thurs at 6 pm
April 15: Conviction
May 20: Flowers over the Inferno

Sci-Fi & Fantasy Book Club
Meets the third Sat at 5 pm
April 17: The Rosewater Insurrection
May 15: A Desolation Called Peace

Historical Fiction Book Club
Meets the fourth Sat at 5 pm
April 24: Little
May 22: Confessions of the Fox

Agatha Christie Book Club
Meets the third Tues at 6:30 pm
April 20: The Mystery of Mrs. Christie
May 18: Appointment with Death

Philosophical Horror
Meets the third Mon at 6 pm
April 19: The Children of Red Peak
May 17: Hollow Places

Black Lit Book Club
Meets the fourth Fri at 6 pm
April 23: Travelers
May 28: Dear Haiti, Love Alaine
History Book Club
Meets the first Wed at 6 pm
April 7: Author in Chief
May 5: Say Nothing

Speculative Fiction Book Club
Meets the second Sat at 4 pm
April 10: The Old Drift (pg 295-end)
May 8: Love After the End

LGBTQ Book Club
Meets the fourth Thurs at 6 pm
April 22: The Confessions of Frannie Langton
May 27: Lot

Bucket List Book Club 
Meets the third Sun at 3 pm
April 18: The Constant Gardener
May 16: Steppenwolf

Phy-Sci Book Club
Meets the fourth Wed at 6 pm
April 28: A Crack in Creation
May 26: The Alchemy of Us

Feminist Book Club
Meets the first Tues at 6 pm
April 6: Glitter Up the Dark
May 4: Girl, Woman, Other

Outdoor Lit 
Meets every other month, first Sun at 2 pm
May 2: The Animal Dialogues
July 11 at 4pm*: Vesper Flights
Book Clubs for Kids & Youth

Early Readers Book Club Meets the second Sat at 1 pm
April 10: Hand-Me-Down Magic: Stoop Sale Treasure
May 8: Definitely Dominguita

Kids' Book Club Meets the second Thurs at 6 pm
April 8: Race To the Sun
May 13: Roll With It

Young Adult Book Club Meets the first Friday at 7 pm
Friday, April 2: The Brief History of the Dead
Friday, May 7: Boys of Alabama
*Starred meetings are not held at their usual date and/or time
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