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Channeling the Upper Valley

5 S. Main Street, 1st floor, White River Junction, VT 05001

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November 2, 2022

Weekly Highlights

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JAM – Junction Arts & Media is CATV's new location and name expressing our expanding role supporting content creators across media platforms and through in-person media arts exhibits, activities, and events.  JAM exists to build community through media.


Broadcasting now @ JAM Upper Valley Channel on Comcast 1075/VTel 169 & 1169

Broadcasting now @ JAM Government Channel on Comcast 1085/VTel 170 & 1170

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Orange Shirt Day

To discourage indigenous children from identifying with their tribal ancestry, many were sent to government boarding schools until as late as 1978. Dartmouth students honored their experience on Sept. 30 by wearing orange shirts. Their motto: "Every Child Matters."

The Junction Dance Festival 2022

"Dance is motion and motion is life." Experience the full spectrum of dance style from dance artists, choreographers, dance schools and community dance groups from Vermont and New Hampshire and beyond.

Recorded at the Briggs Opera House July 23, 2022

Protecting the Vote

In 2020 WRIF (White River Indie Films) presented a special series on Race & Elections addressing the threat to democracy posed by the dismantling of the Voting Rights Act and voter suppression. Author Dave Daley, filmmaker and attorney Laverne Berry, legal scholar Rebecca Green, Prof. Michael Herron and others addressed this ever more urgent issue.

Movement in Stillness, Stillness in Movement - Carla Kimball performance

Stillness in Movement

Missed the October media arts exhibit at JAM? View the opening night performance here. Carla Kimball, a long-time photographer and dancer, began to explore the dimension video could bring to her work in 2020. Recently, her exploration of stillness and movement has led her to project images and films on floating panels of fabric.

Local Government and School Boards on JAM

Find local government and school meetings for Hartford, Norwich, and Hartland, VT; Hanover, NH and Lebanon, NH (SAU88 only).  Pictured: Hartland School board (11/1/22). 

Upper Valley Religious Services on JAM 

Join your local house of worship, visit a new one, or share your recorded service with JAM. Pictured: Riverbank Church "At the Movies" specials illuminate spiritual dimensions to popular culture, White River Junction, VT (10/30/22)  


@JAM Podcasts

Listen UPper Valley!

Congratulations, Upper Valley, on Year One of local podcast production at CATV/JAM!  We built it, and you came.  Podcasting is emerging as one of our most powerful storytelling formats, uplifting marginalized voices, providing depth of analysis, liberating our eyes from screens while transporting us through our ears, and connecting people locally and globally.  Upper Valley community producers Amanda Rafuse transitioned SPARK! Upper Valley Arts & Culture to podcast, Michelle Rogge and Julius Turner premiered Intersections, the Book JAM created Shelf Help, and Dismas House Hartford kicked off Going the Dismas. Give a listen and find inspiration to start your own!

JAM Podcasts


@the JAM space


JAM Lab Series: SOUND

Tuesdays Nov. 8-29 6:30-8pm 

Instructors: Senior Producer Chico Eastridge & JAM Staff

Discover the creative power of sound in this hands-on audio fundamentals series for film/video and podcast creators.  Topics include: Recording for quality video/audio, sound editing, sound design, and mixing. Suited to all ages/levels.

Fee waiver or assistance available.


Details and registration


@ the JAM space & around the Upper Valley

TWist Comics & Zine Fair @JAM

Friday Nov. 4

5-8pm FREE

5 S. Main St. 1st Floor

White River Junction, VT

Come browse comics, zines, poetry chap books, and other self-published work by talented local artists and Center for Cartoon Studies students on Nov. 4 from 5 pm – 8 pm. Find the perfect holiday gifts for the nerds you love!

First Friday with Shane Palko & Allison Fay Brown

Friday Nov. 4

5-7pm FREE @JAM

5 S. Main St. 1st Floor

White River Junction, VT

Kids’ (and families!) can get an introduction to basic stop motion animation on our iPads, then let their creativity run wild. We will animate with legos, construction paper, toys, and more! 

Family JAM Animation Drop-In "Sesh" 

Saturday, Nov. 12


5 S. Main St. 1st Floor

White River Junction, VT

Kids’ (and families!), drop in for a hands-on intro to stop motion animation on our iPads, then let your creativity run wild. We will animate with legos, construction paper, toys, and more! 

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JAM (CATV) partners with the Vermont Access Network (VAN) for HD (high def) community-produced content on Comcast 1070 (VT) and streaming everywhere.

JAM – Junction Arts & Media supports lifelong learning to engage the tools of media for individual and community expression in the Upper Valley.

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