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"Let Food Be Thy Medicine"

March 2019

Jean Varney
Jeannie Varney
 Nutrition Consultant


Welcome to the Eat Right Be Fit Live Well monthly link roundup.
Each week I read many interesting articles relating to nutrition, fitness and wellness. Here are some of my favorites from the past month. While every article may not be relevant to your personal circumstance, I hope at least one will spark your interest and provide you with a healthy tip you can incorporate into your daily routine.  



How to Quit Antidepressants: Very Slowly, Doctors Say:    Doctors are quick to prescribe antidepressants. Unfortunately, once you start taking them, they're very difficult to get off. If you're trying to wean yourself off an antidepressant but are struggling with withdrawal symptoms, maybe you need to reduce your dose more slowly. Be patient  and  never stop taking your medication without first  consulting  your doctor!   (NY Times)

Can Extra Protein Help You Lose-or Not Gain-Weight?   If you're wanting to lose weight and overindulging in protein, think again. Excess protein contributes to weight gain from fat not muscle. (Nutrition Action)

The Best Type of Exercise to Burn Fat:   The primary takeaway from this article is, "due to the similarity of outcomes, there can be flexibility in choice of exercise approach ... plan your workouts around your preferences and schedules, and not your concern about which type of exercise might better trim fat." (NY Times)

Coffee:   The list of health benefits from a few cups of black coffee a day continues to accumulate - reduced risk of Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, some cancers, depression, Type II Diabetes and even early death to name a few. Finally, an addiction I can support. (Harvard School of Public Health) 

What We Know About Saturated Fat and Heart Disease:   Love your fats? If so, get them from heart healthy nuts, seeds, avocado and unrefined olive and seed/nut oils not from bacon, butter and burgers. (Nutrition Action)

"Wild-caught," "organic," "grass-fed": What Do All These Animal Welfare Labels Actually Mean?    Confused about what the health claims mean on your food packaging? Here's a great explanation of what to look for when purchasing animal products. (Vox)

Heavy Metals Found in Popular Fruit Juices:   This is so disheartening. One more reason not to drink juice, organic varieties included. (Medscape) 

Why the Low-Fat Diet Failed:   Not all fat is bad and in fact certain fats are actually good for us. To reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease and type II diabetes, get your fat from vegetable oils, olive oil, nuts, seeds, avocado and fatty fish and forgo red meat, high fat dairy and coconut oil. Also, reduce, if not eliminate, refined carbs. (Tufts Nutrition Letter)

Nut Consumption May Help Heart Health for People with Type 2 Diabetes:  If you're not eating a handful of nuts a day, please ask yourself why - people with allergies excluded.  Research continues to show that nuts and seeds of all varieties benefit the heart, brain, and waistline. (Harvard Health)

Natural Toothpaste Scorecard:  Trying to reduce the amount of toxins, preservatives, artificial colors, sweeteners and chemicals you ingest? Me too. View this chart to see how healthy your toothpaste is. (Cornucopia Institute)

Metabolic Endotoxemia: The Link Between the Chronic Diseases and the Saturated Fats You Want to Avoid:   A quick read that might help explain why Keto diets and coconut oil aren't healthy for us. Research continues to suggest a connection between saturated fat consumption and increased risk of chronic disease. (The Medium)

Top Green Cleaning Products:  How safe are your cleaning supplies? Here's a list of the best (and worst) products to buy to minimize your exposure to harmful chemicals that are bad for you and the environment.   (Environmental Working Group) 

Preparing for a Good End of Life:  Wonderful advice - a must read! Having just gone through this with my Mom, I can't stress enough the importance of planning ahead for your own passing. Think about how you want to die, tell your loved ones your preferences, better yet write them down, and start now to assemble your tribe - beloved friends and family who will carry out your wishes and care for you at the end. (The Wall Street Journal)

About Jean Varney 
Jean Varney is the founder and president of Eat Right, Be Fit, Live Well LLC, a health and nutrition consulting firm committed to empowering men and women to improve their health through sustainable changes to their diet and lifestyle.  Based in the Washington DC metropolitan area, Jean coaches clients nationwide by phone and in person.  She focuses on helping individuals make smart choices about the foods they eat in order to maintain high energy levels, avoid unwanted weight gain and decrease their risk of heart disease, cancer, type II diabetes and other chronic illnesses.  Jean received her training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City.  To learn more about her practice, please visit her website at: