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Paper - Electron Microscopy Holdings of the Protein Data Bank

Electron Microscopy Holdings of the Protein Data Bank

From Biophysical Reviews, Stephen K. Burley et al. describe the history of the PDB and Worldwide Protein Data Bank partnership and present a review that "examines the origins of the resolution revolution and analyzes its impact on structural biology viewed through the lens of PDB holdings." They go on to discuss "Six areas of focus exemplifying the impact of 3DEM across the biosciences, followed by a review of 3DEM structure validation by the wwPDB that underscores the importance of community engagement."

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Discover New Products

MiTeGen New Innovations

Did you know we have added new products for cryo-EM, crystallography and beamline research to our website? Each day we are developing and searching for new products you need to make your research successful.

Visit our New Products department and see if you can identify the latest innovations and let us know.

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ACA Annual Meeting - Workshops and Sessions

The ACA annual meeting is July 7th to the 11th in Baltimore, Maryland. We are attending and will have a booth featuring our latest innovations for cryo-EM, crystallography and beamline research. In addition we are sponsoring several sessions and workshops which we have listed below. Browse the list then visit the buttons to learn more.

  • Session 1.1.5: Crystal Growth
  • Session 1.2.2: Complementary methods to study metalloenzymes
  • Session 2.1.3: New developments in cryoEM and cryoET
  • Session 2.1.5: DEI: expanding access & opportunities in structural science
  • Sessions 2.2.4: Machine learning in cryo-EM
  • Session 3.1.5: New Sample preparation technology for cryo-EM and cryo-ET
  • Session 3.2.6: Structure of nucleic acid
  • Sessions 4.1.4: One Weird Trick
  • Workshop 1: Advanced Topics in Single Particle Cryo-EM & Cryo-ET
  • Workshop 2: SAMPREP (Sample Attribution for Multiple Techniques and Principle Requirements in Pan-Structural Biology
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Return of the Rectangular Dryshipper Shipping Case

Earlier this year the rectangular shipping case for the CX100 and CXR100 dryshipper became unavailable. This was one of the most popular products we offered as many customer preferred it to other shipping cases. The shipping case is now available again. You have your choice of just the shipping case or the shipping case with CX100. The shipping case helps protect your dryshipper during shipping.

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CX100 and shipping case
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Upcoming Events
At MiTeGen, we sponsor numerous events, conferences, workshops and symposiums throughout the year. These events include fields such as structural biology, crystallography, cryo-EM, beamline research and more. We believe in supporting researchers and our industry. Listed below are two upcoming events you might find interesting.

The BioXFEL Conference is May 16th to the 18th in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The event focuses on the most recent advances in structural biology using X-ray Free Electron Lasers. We are sponsoring and exhibiting at this event.

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ACA Summer Course 2023

The ACA Summer course is June 19th to the 26th in Evanston, Illinois. The course is designed to instruct attendees in the theory & practice of Single-Crystal Chemical Crystallography and Powder Diffraction techniques. We are sponsoring this workshop.

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Events, Workshops and Conferences

If you are looking for more events visit our events page. It lists conferences, workshops, symposiums, user meetings and more.

Topics include structural biology, material science, crystallography, cryo-EM, beamline research and more.

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Industry Resources and News

Here is a small selection of industry resources and news for your browsing.

  • Read about how the NIH Common Fund helped one lab with no access to cryo-EM become an independent service center user - Learn More
  • The February edition of ThermoFishers Ask the Experts series is now available for replay. Topic was "National Cryo-EM Centers: A Go-To Resource for Getting Started in Cryo-EM" - Learn More
  • ARC CCeMMP has a new seminar available on YouTube titled, "Cryo-EM as a tool to characterize & exploit allostery in GPCRs" - Learn More
  • From bioRxiv, ChemEM: flexible docking of small molecules in Cryo-EM structures using difference maps - Learn More
  • From Acta Cryst D, Likelihood-based docking of models into cryo-EM maps - Learn More
  • Acta Cryst D, Cryo-EM single-particle structure refinement and map calculation using Servalcat - Learn More
  • Video, learn about the team at and get first insights into the brand new cryo-EM center at University of Munster - Learn More 
  • National Synchrotron Light Source II (NSLS-II) is now offering free monthly public tours - Learn More
  • From the CCDC, How Has Structural Chemistry Data Has Changed in the Past Year, and What Does It Mean for Future Research? - Learn More
  • From the CCDC, Inspiring Youngs Minds through Crystal Adventures at the 2023 Cambridge Festival - Learn More
  • From Practical Fragments, Perils of fragment screening on deep-freeze proteins. How room temperature crystals yield very different results from colder counterparts - Learn More
  • From the CDCC, CSD in Action: Fighting Antibiotic Resistance at Merck – Fragment-based Drug Design using CSD-CrossMiner - Learn More
  • See the list of recorded scientific seminar series at MAX IV and those co-organized with MAX IV - Learn More
  • Read about the biography of Helen Megaw and her contributions to the ACA and structure science - Learn More
  • The SOLARIS Centre 2021 - 2022 report is now available for download - Learn More 
  • From the Amgen Biotech Experience (ABE) Program Office an interesting educational resource on "Investigating Science, where students explore ethical and social perspectives, model X-ray crystallography, and use LabXchange to assess the impacts that technologies and scientific discoveries have had on society" - Learn More
  • The COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics) webinar on AI and Fake Papers is now online. Interesting questions such as, "Is it an acceptable, and ethical, practice for an author to use AI to write a scholarly article?" are asked - Learn More
  • Find beamline proposal deadlines from around the world at - Learn More

New Lab Program

New Lab Program

A reminder that Our New Lab Program is available for those planning a new lab or are expanding their lab. It offers special discounts, startup bundles, and expert support and service. If you are starting or expanding your lab contact us and we'll explain the program in detail. Or if you know someone who is starting or expanding their lab please share this information with them.

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