Protest Outrageous Liberal Reporter
This weekend on Channel 12's 'Sunday Square Off' Tom Horne was interviewed by an obviously biased Brahm Resnik. Many of you witnessed how he intentionally didn't allow Tom to explain his position on various issues by speaking over him numerous times, yet he allowed his liberal Democrat opponent, Felecia Rotellini, to talk at lengths about her views. He was extremely rude towards Tom. Liberal bias in the media, especially when it is this rude and unprofessional, should be protested.
If you have not viewed the interview, you can do so by clicking here. I encourage you to leave your comments to the story in the blog roll (Click here to leave a comment). Also, please email the following individuals to express your frustration: Brahm Resnik -, Mark Phillips -, and Mark Casey -
Here is an example of an email that was sent to Channel 12 following the airing of 'Sunday Square off.'
One professional regret that will stick with Brahm Resnik is that in 2010 he helped to elect the Republican Attorney General in Arizona.

Plan of Attack:
Brahm planned his fight carefully. First Ms. Felecia will shine by answering easy questions spoon-fed to Brahm by her camp. Then he will triumph over the Republican candidate by using hard questions spoon-fed to him by her camp.

By the end of the second round Felecia has been forgotten. Brahm slouched in his chair, angry, off-script and defeated - beaten by the weight of facts and cogent arguments and the new heavy-weight champion of the AG Division Tom Horne walked stately out the hostile arena. Plan sounded OK. Instead it was KO!"
Finally, the most effective way to protest is to contribute to Tom's campaign, by clicking on one of the red 'Donate' buttons. The general election is just around the corner and early voting begins in less than two weeks. Your contribution is desperately needed now more than ever. If you haven't contributed the maximum amount allowed under law ($840), please do so today.


Your financial support today could determine if Arizona's next Attorney General is liberal Democrat Felecia Rotellini, or Tom Horne. Thank you very much.