As we've seen, protesters have been marching through the EDGE District daily and gathering next to the SPPD Headquarters at 1st Ave. N. & 13th St. Those have for the most part been peaceful demonstrations. However, there have been instances of late night vandalism, including graffiti and a broken window, and last night at around midnight mortars were set off, prompting the police to disperse the crowds with smoke bombs.

To minimize damage in the district, the SPPD strongly recommends that all businesses do the following:

  • Report any suspicious or escalating behavior to the police (911 for emergency, 727-893-7780 for non-emergency).

  • Before closing your business for the day, bring in all outdoor tables, chairs, umbrellas or any other items that could be damaged or used to smash windows or create other damage.

  • Remove valuables from front window visibility, if possible.

  • If you have a private parking lot, make sure your tow signage is in place and call your towing company to patrol your lot and tow after hours. The PD is reporting that many protesters are using our district's private lots to illegally park at night and stow items that they may use to cause damage.

  • If you see trespassers on your property, consider getting a blanket trespass report and posting your property. Email Sgt. Jason Deary (jason.deary@stpete.org) or Sgt. Jeff Lewis (Jeffrey.Lewis@stpete.org) to assist.

  • If you see graffiti or other evidence of vandalism, please report that immediately to the PD's non-emergency line (727-893-7780).

If you haven't already, also check your insurance policy to make sure you have coverage in the case of vandalism.
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