Dear St. John's Parents:

I humbly and sincerely thank all of you for your faith in St. John's School and for your support through good times and, especially, during the tough challenges of the past few months. 

As you know, we have been researching, discussing, and carefully considering all of the information available to establish the best possible guidelines for bringing our students and our teachers back to school. Yesterday the Board of Trustees approved the attached protocols for our school opening .

Please take the time to study these guidelines carefully and to discuss them with your children. Please complete the Agreement to School Protocols to confirm your commitment to meeting all of the stated expectations.

If we all cooperate, as we have always done, we will keep our young knights and their teachers safe and well.  

We learned last spring that we can carry out our school's mission online when we have to. But we are eager to see everyone in person again, and we pray for a school year that keeps us all on campus. Your cooperation will help make that happen.

Thank you, again.

Pat Bennett
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