Right now, Rhode Island nonprofits are working harder than ever to keep us connected, healthy, and informed. 

During this critical time, Rhode Island nonprofits need your support and the best way to give it is to join us in United Way of Rhode Island's first statewide day of giving on April 1st called 401Gives. 

Rhode Island KIDS COUNT joins 300+ non-profits statewide for an opportunity to raise funds in Rhode Island when our community needs us most. 
Starting at 6AM on April 1st, please visit www.401gives.org and make a donation to one of the many nonprofits helping to meet the needs of Rhode Islanders during this crisis. 

You will have 24 hours to make your donation, and all giving will end at 5:59AM on April 2.
The first $50,000 donated starting at 6AM will be matched by the Rhode Island Foundation , so please get your donation in early to have your gift go even further! 
We invite you to support Rhode Island KIDS COUNT directly:

To support one of the many nonprofit organizations across Rhode Island working on the frontlines to support Rhode Island families during this crisis:

Thank you!