Fall 2019

Providence at Scotland School for Veterans' Children Alumni Museum - 2019


As we rejoice over the start of another school year at Providence, w e are committed to keeping you updated on the progress your generosity has made possible.

  • EITC INDIVIDUAL TAX BENEFIT  - We are offering Friends of Providence an opportunity to receive a 90% Pennsylvania tax credit on gifts designated to PCA through the Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) program. You can help make a difference in the lives of our most vulnerable students. Without tuition assistance, many of our students would be unable to attend. Jeff can explain the details when you call at (717) 298-8090. 
    Providence students have accepted the Reading for Change open book challenge. Find out more here.  In the past two years, our sponsors raised over $6,000 for this worthy cause. Past and present sponsors include AgChoice Farm Credit, Cumberland Valley Tree Service, Life Guide Financial Services, Shippensburg Public Library, McDonalds, and F& M Trust. Thank you to friends and families of students who have given generously to encourage our readers. Last year our students read over 70,000 pages!
  • VOLUNTEER HELP NEEDED  - Thank you to the many volunteers that support our school. Perhaps you could lend your expertise to the school. Call us at (717) 298-8090 to discuss how you could change lives with your available time and talent.
  • REDESIGNED WEBSITE -   We have a new website at our same address. We will continue to update in the months ahead. We hope you visit soon!

The gifts of God's people for God's work at Providence are crucial.  Please consider a gift to help us strengthen our mission to vulnerable children.  Our goal is to raise at least $55,000 by June 30, 2020.  Glory to God for His all-sufficient providence!

What's New at PROVIDENCE?

We are continuing to fill spots for 2019-20. 
We have openings, so please contact us for a tour and information today. We are accepting applications in three of our four major tiered levels. 
  • K-3 (1 opening!)
  • Upper Elementary (2 openings!) 
  • Jr High (Case-by-Case)
  • Sr High (Closed)
We strive to work with families through tuition assistance based upon demonstrated financial need. Please contact us today for a tour at (717) 298-8090 or  Click here to visit our Admissions page today!

Since its founding on June 1, 1895, the Pennsylvania Soldiers' Orphans Industrial School--later Scotland School for Veterans' Children--saw some 10,000 students pass through its historic halls.  In a continuing effort to keep this history alive, t he SSVC Alumni Association has created a museum to hold memorabilia--the grandfather clock that students built in 1911, the band's bass drum, banners, photographs and books. SSVC Alumni President, Ken Beck, treated PCA
students and teachers to a private tour. Above, PCA students stand by the 1957 fire engine! Many thanks to Ken and all the fine SSVC Alumni. 

Thank you, FRIENDS of PROVIDENCE!  We will do our best to keep you informed of God's work through His people at Providence. Thank you for giving your time, wisdom, and treasure to glorify God in this work for vulnerable children and their families.

Jeffrey Garner
Providence Christian Academy 

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