Well everyone, the good news is that I have been super busy and that is why I missed last month's newsletter. The weather is heating up and I feel like I'm just getting started. 

I am a believer that the energy that you put out into the Universe comes back to you. A few weeks ago I was thinking about one of my investors that I worked with a long time ago. He owns a few properties on the West Side. Would you believe the next day he called and said he was thinking about selling? WOW. I also have 4 closing coming up in June and more in the pipeline.  I am pleased to announce that 

I have been selected to be the in the 3rd Cadre of Strengths - Coaches for Leadership RI. #makeRIstronger  is a multiyear initiative to tackle cynicism in Rhode Island. Training begins this week and I can't wait!

Things on the home front are good. My backyard is looking awesome after a lot of digging and mulching. I've been putting a lot of effort and thought into my yard since buying the house. Hopefully now that the rain is in the past I can sit outside and enjoy it! 

When I get the time, I disappear down to my ceramics studio. I was not happy with the glazes in the second firing - so, back to the drawing board but I'm hopeful. I'm also looking to do some sailing this summer. If you know someone that has a boat please pass along my name for crew!

The Summer Solstice is June 21st this year - days grow long, the summer heats up, and we all get to enjoy summertime. 

...see you in July!
East Side of Providence

These charts show that it's the best time for homes to enter the market! If you've been thinking about selling your home, head to www.raveis.com  and type in your address. You can get an estimate on the value of your home. Our site will give you a very accurate range for the value of your home. After that, if you are thinking of selling, contact me to meet and I will prepare an in depth market analysis for you. 


Rhode Island Monthly says that POP, the Emporium of Pop Culture is "a dizzying array of artifacts." Owner, or might I say curator, Darren Hill set up shop in Providence's Valley neighborhood - 10,000 square feet of oddities, curiosities, ephemera, relics, and just plain neat stuff. Hill also likes to call them "conversation pieces."  This is a place you can get lost in! I can't wait to visit. 



Bacon & Beer Fest RI is a brand new food and beer pairing event at the Steel Yard in Providence RI. 25 local restaurants will create their favorite bacon inspired dish carefully paired with a beer from 25 world class breweries - some Rhode Island based breweries too like Foolproof, Proclamation, and Revival. And you will get to vote on your favorite pairing! Sounds like a blast. 

Whether you're looking for a cozy home or a chic condo, 
contact me today to view these properties for sale.