The Be Well Bulletin is intended to share with you, our friends, some of the important things
Provident is seeing, doing, and learning. We want to have a conversation with you
about what it means to be better and hopefully inspire positive changes in your life.
All of us have felt stuck at some point: in a frustrating task at work, in a health rut, in a relationship challenge. But right now at Provident, we’re seeing the huge benefits of getting UN-stuck.

We challenged ourselves to take a fresh look at how we’re delivering services and are thrilled with the incredible difference it has made for our clients and our business:

  • We’ve connected with new partners to deliver mental health care services to areas of the metro region that were seriously in need. Our agency footprint grew dramatically within just a few months. 
  • We’ve combined two Provident departments. This move helped our employees by giving them new and valuable knowledge, supported our clients by giving them more well-rounded and better-informed care, and benefitted our agency by improving workforce efficiency.
  • We’ve even re-thought what an “office” can look like and are now taking appointments through a mobile health van. The van covers a 664 square mile service area.

I’ll admit, getting UN-stuck can feel unnatural at first. It can seem radical, risky, and like a lot of work. I’d encourage you to read these two articles (found here and here ) for some great tips that can be applied to many areas of your life. The upside is well worth it!
Lindsay Jeffries is Provident's Director of Clinical Services. She is the first person to serve in this newly-created position and oversees the 67 people who make up the organization's Clinical and Life Crisis teams.
Kids and Social Media: How Parents Can Help
A recent study published by  Common Sense Media , a CA-based nonprofit that helps kids and families make smart media and tech choices, showed how much social media use has grown among teenagers over the past 5 years. 

As a mental health provider, Provident as particularly interested in how the increase is impacting young people emotionally.

The news is not all bad:
  • Teenagers report that social media helps them feel less lonely, depressed and anxious. They report feeling more confident, popular, and better about themselves.
  • Many teenagers are using social media to stay connected with friends and family, get involved in philanthropic/political causes, enhance their creativity, communicate with educators, and meet others who share their interests.

Now for the challenging stats:
  • For teenagers who are already struggling with social-emotional wellbeing, it heightens their feelings of being left out, of feeling bad about themselves, and of feeling bullied.
  • 35% of kids report being bullied at some point.

Provident helps the families and children they serve navigate social media in a healthy, productive way. A few tips from our experts:

  • Social media isn't going away, so better to help your child learn to manage it early. Every child is different, but 12-13 years old is the average age most begin pressing for their first account.
  • Young people need insight on the consequences of broadcasting personal information. Talk to them about:
  1. How to maintain their privacy and protect themselves
  2. How to be respectful of others
  3. How to present themselves appropriately
  • Parents need to understand that their role is to keep their child safe, but to do so from a distance that the child is comfortable with. Social media is not "spy software."
  • Develop a contract that outlines what both parent and child are comfortable with. A sample can be downloaded on Provident's website.

By answering 62,059 suicide hotline calls per year,
Provident's Life Crisis Services team reaches approximately
7+ people each hour, or 170 people every day.

That adds up to nearly the capacity of
Busch Stadium and Enterprise Center combined.
Photo: © Ryan Pastorino
Feeling Kinda Blue Social Networking Site Relaunches

Be sure to check out the newly-redesigned Feeling Kinda Blue website ( ), which provides a safe space for people who struggle with depression, anxiety, grief, emotional pain, and other mental illnesses to connect with others.

The site has approximately 7,000 members nation-wide and is monitored by Provident's team of professionals 24/7.

Thank you to founder and funder of the site Sally Barker for her support.
Celebrating Provident's Expansion into Jefferson County

Provident's recent expansion into Jefferson County was celebrated with an open house and ribbon cutting at the High Ridge office. The community-focused event was attended by residents, business owners, and local government officials.

The expansion was made possible through a partnership with the Jefferson County Health Department. In addition to the High Ridge location, there is an office in Hillsboro as well as a mobile van that travels throughout the county.
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