Provider Electronic Service Acceptance
Available in LTSSMaryland
Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) provider agencies with base and site Medicaid numbers can begin the Service Acceptance process in LTSSMaryland for services that begin on July 1, 2020. There is no change to the process for current services.  

Coordination of Community Services (CCS) agencies may now send service referrals to providers in the LTSSMaryland system. Provider agencies should visit the LTSSMaryland Provider Portal daily to check the homepage for “Service Plans Pending Acceptance.” Requests for service acceptance will come in on a rolling basis as CCS coordinators work with people to update their person-centered plans (PCPs). 

Admin Providers, Program Directors and Program Staff assigned to provider agency sites will be able to see service referrals requests on the LTSSMaryland homepage. CCS coordinators may alert provider agencies via email when service referrals are available in LTSSMaryland for review. Once the service referral has been sent, provider agencies have five (5) business days to accept or decline the service.  

Provider agencies are encouraged to enroll their base and sites through ePREP to receive service referral requests in LTSSMaryland. CCS coordinators are only able to send service referrals through LTSSMaryland to providers with base and site Medicaid numbers. 

Help is available: 

  • To register your sites in LTSSMaryland and receive new Medicaid IDs, visit ePREP
  • For ePREP training and guidance, contact your Regional DDA Provider Relations (PR) representative 

Central Maryland Regional Office - PR Department (410) 234-8200
Southern Maryland Regional Office - Michael Bryan (301) 362-5118
Eastern Shore Regional Office - Andrea Jones (410) 572-5945  
Western Maryland Regional Office - Timothy Jenkins (240) 313-3860 

The DDA will share additional information and guidance about the LTSSMaryland system by email and on the LTSSMaryland page. Please review and share the Service Acceptance information with your team.