Vaccine Update
In the past few weeks, HCDDS has hosted numerous vaccine clinics. As of Feb. 11, we have vaccinated 1,322 people. We are nearing the end of our available first doses for people that meet Ohio's vaccine criteria for the vaccine through Phase 1A and 1B and will begin administering second doses next week.

If you work with someone who is eligible for the vaccine through HCDDS and meets the criteria for Phase 1A or 1B (see below definitions for Phases) and who still needs to register for an appointment, please email vaccine@hamiltondds.org using the guidelines below.

For individuals supported that qualify for Phase 1A or  Phase 1B
  • Email- Individual's Name, Provider Name, state if the person qualifies for Phase 1A or 1B to vaccine@hamiltondds.org
    • We have the Moderna vaccine available which is only available for those 18 and older.
For DSPs/IPs who work in a qualifying congregate setting in Phase 1A
  • Email- Name of staff, provider agency (if applicable), address where provider is a DSP for a congregate setting to vaccine@hamiltondds.org.

Definition for Phase 1A
For the HCDDS clinic, Phase 1A includes people who live or work in congregate living settings. The Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD) defines "congregate living settings" as any location where two or more people with a developmental disability live together.

Definition for Phase 1B
For the HCDDS clinic, Ohio's Phase 1B includes a dual medical diagnosis AND an intellectual or developmental disability. You can find a list of qualifying medical conditions on the Ohio Department of Health website.

Sharing Vaccine Stories
We are hearing that some individuals and DSPs are unsure about the COVID vaccine.  Our media team has developed a few options to help share experiences people have had receiving the vaccine so that people can hear from their peers about the vaccine process.
  • Flyers - At this link you can find flyer templates for print/social media that can be used with a person's photo to detail why they received the vaccine.
  • Videos and Photos - We know that as a community, we are stronger as we work together.  We have developed links where providers can share/access videos and photos of people receiving the vaccine.
    • To share videos and photos- use this link (By uploading anything to this folder, you're acknowledging that you have permission to share these images and are giving permission for other providers to use them. If anyone served is included in an image, you must have obtained the required privacy release forms before uploading those files.)
    • To access videos and photos that have been shared - use this link
New ADA guidelines
DODD has released new ADA guidance that allows facility-based programs to begin operating at slightly larger capacity. With the new guidance, each DODD approved area may have no more than 12 total people, not including DSPs. 

Providers must continue to ensure adequate social distancing for participants of six feet or more. To review the updated guidance, click here.

No-Cost Transportation Options To and From Food Banks
DODD shared that Ohio's five Medicaid managed care plans (Buckeye Health Plan, CareSource, Molina Healthcare, Paramount Advantage, and United Heathcare Community Plan) provide their members with no-cost transportation services to and from food banks, food pantries, food clinics, and grocery stores as part of their plan benefit.

People enrolled in a Medicaid managed care plan should contact their respective health plans to get the transportation services they need. Contact information is on the back of their card issued by their plan or can be found in the transportation grid here.

SWOCOG 2021 Leadership Academy
The Southwestern Ohio Council of Governments is offering two leadership opportunities on March 9. The morning session is geared toward upcoming leaders and ensuring they are prepared to lead. The afternoon session's target audience is existing leaders. See this flyer for additional details.

HCDDS Zoom Sessions for Kids 
HCDDS community navigators will be hosting Zoom sessions for kids who want a place to socialize while making new friends. These sessions will take place in March and April from 4-4:30 p.m. and are designed for kids ages 8-13.

Please share this flyer with any families/kids who you feel would be interested in joining us.