August 3, 2018
Important Provider Information, Training  & Resources
SR Payments for July 2018
OEL's new Statewide School Readiness (SR) and VPK System was launched on July 1, 2018. It will provide a modern and efficient platform for providers, parents and ELC staff.
Unfortunately, OEL is working to fix a few bugs in the SR Provider Attendance/Reimbursement section. To ensure all of our SR Providers get paid ON TIME for their July attendance, the ELC has create a plan to reimburse each of you.
Since Providers cannot access or submit July 2018 attendance through the new system, July payments will be calculated based on June 2018 attendance (plus one additional school day in July). Because we are estimating payment rather than basing it on actual attendance, your payment may not be entirely accurate. Our first priority is to ensure you are paid ON TIME via usual payment methods.
Please SAVE ALL JULY ATTENDANCE RECORDS for July 2018.  As soon as OEL completes their work on the Provider Attendance component of the new system, the ELC will send out a communication to providers and request submission of July 2018 attendance through the new system.  The ELC will immediately reconcile (and communicate) any under or over payments.  
Any questions can be directed to your assigned Provider Payment or Provider Relations Specialists.
VPK payments are not affected.
Payment Reminder: End of Fiscal Year
Fiscal Year 2017-18 is coming to a close.

Any questions/concerns regarding VPK Reimbursement for services provided from 
July 1, 2017-June 30, 2018 must be received by the ELC no later than Monday, August 6th.

If you have outstanding SR adjustments for May-18 & June-18, please contact your Reimbursement Specialist by Monday, August 6th.
ELC Provider Reps Attend PRO Conference
Our Provider Rep Organization, PRO held our first meeting during the One Goal Summer Conference where both faith based and private providers across the state gathered to share best practices, discuss the future of how we will provide support to our communities of providers and advocate for our young children. 

As your provider rep I was proud to discuss how our county has come together in the I Am Ready for K movement and through our social media efforts to connect and share best practices within our county. I look forward to sharing more after our September meeting!

-Natalie Williams
Private Provider Board Seat
PLAN Meeting Schedule Announced
Bi-monthly plan meetings will be held at the Soref JCC (6501 W. Sunrise Blvd, Plantation) from 10am-12:30p on the following days:

  • Wednesday, September 12
  • Wednesday, November 14
  • Wednesday, January 16
  • Wednesday, March 20
  • Wednesday, May 15
Provider Portal Training Videos
Videos on the New Provider Portal are available 24/7 via ELC's Youtube Channel
Upcoming OEL Workshops/Hearings
Several workshops will be held over summer regarding OEL Rules. Click button below for schedule. Or Sign Up for email notifications
Provider Board Representatives

Natalie Williams (Private Provider Board Seat)

Schmeka Lyons (Faith Based Provider Board Seat)


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