Medina County Providers
Weekly Information
July 1, 2020
We have a dedicated helpline for providers to call should they have questions or immediate needs. Providers can reach us at 330-321-3585.
A Message From the Health Commissioner
Please follow the button below for an update from the Medina County Health Commissioner regarding increases in COVID-19 in Medina County
Waiver Form Process for Staff Under 18
Providers hiring staff have been encouraged by DODD to hire staff that may not have a HS Diploma or GED as part of the rule relaxation so as to accommodate the availability of potential applicants. At this time, the guidance for the Request for Rule Waiver allows providers to hire prior to submission of the request.

Please be aware that DODD did not change the waiver form process for hiring under the age of 18. Providers can submit a waiver request to hire a 16 or 17 year old applicant but may not hire until the approval has been received by the provider. Also, in the description of the job duties for these applicants, providers should include assurances that these DSPs must work with another staff person who is at least 18, cannot provide intimate personal care to individuals, cannot provide transportation to individuals, and cannot administer medications or take medication administration classes.  
New RFPs This Week
8 new RFPs were listed on the portal in the past week:

  • NMT - 6
  • Adaptive Equipment - 2

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The mission of the Medina County Board of Developmental Disabilities is to promote and empower individuals with developmental disabilities to live, learn, work, and socialize as citizens in the community.