Good afternoon,

This National Family Caregivers Month, Family Caregiver Alliance is launching a monthlong effort to engage community members and organizations in better supporting America’s 53M family caregivers. And we’re inviting health care providers—as a crucial force for community health—to join us!

AARP’s latest report on caregiving in the U.S. reveals that caregivers are struggling; but it also suggests a key opportunity for providers in helping caregivers: that of connection and conversation. Consider that:

  • Of those family caregivers who receive help/info about caregiving, 55% receive it from a health care provider

  • Fewer than 1 in 3 caregivers was asked by their provider about their care recipients’ needs

  • Just 13% were asked what they needed for their own self-care

  • Many caregivers reported wanting to have these conversations with providers
What’s clear is that caregivers trust their providers; but many aren't having the conversations they need to about caregiving. To help spark the dialogue, we’ve created the Family Caregiver Screening Toolkit—a resource that will help you identify family caregivers quickly and connect them with resources.

Download yours today and please share with other providers in your network. Working together, we can help our communities' family caregivers—who give so much to others!