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September is the month of back-to-school events, pumpkin spice and the first of autumn's changing leaves. And for those of us in the public health and health care space, it’s also the time of several important observance days:

  • World Alzheimer’s Month
  • World Dementia Awareness Month
  • Sept 13 – National Dementia Caregivers Day
These observances are a great opportunity to spread awareness, share resources, and provide support to those living with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias—and support their caregivers as well.
For 40+ years, Family Caregiver Alliance has worked to improve the quality of life for family caregivers, providing direct services to 260,000+ family caregivers in the SF Bay Area and helping more than 21 million family caregivers and professionals worldwide through our resource-rich website.

Working with providers like you, we look forward to helping even more caregivers! Please consider passing our newsletter or info along to other providers, as well as family caregivers who may need expert support.

Take good care and thanks for all you do!