March 28, 2019
Provider referral hold process

Applicable to: Mercy Care RBHA 
Mercy Care RBHA providers may request to be placed on hold for receiving new referrals. These requests are reviewed by our Provider Relations and Systems of Care departments and assessed for appropriateness. 

In order to request a hold, providers must submit a formal request on provider letterhead to their Provider Relations representative. The following items must be Included in this request: 
  • Reason for the request;
  • Affected locations; and
  • the length of time being requested. 

Once your request is received, our Provider Relations and Systems of Care departments will review and a decision will be issued to the requesting provider within 7 calendar days of the official request. Providers must submit updated information to request extensions to these holds. If approved, holds will only be authorized for the service location(s) outlined in the request. For SMI providers requesting to go on hold, an additional tracking grid may be required.  

As always, don't hesitate to contact your Mercy Care Provider Relations Representative with any questions or comments. You can find this notice and all other provider notices on our Mercy Care website .

Thanks for all you do!