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BIG NEWS! Our Pediatrics and Dental Practices have moved into our new Southeast Raleigh facility on Rock Quarry Road.

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Referrals to specialty and diagnostic services are available for uninsured patients through Project Access.
Health Tips from 
ACH Providers: 
D ealing with Grief during the Holidays
The holidays can definitely be a difficult time of the year. It is most important to know that it's okay to feel the way that you feel. Don't allow others to tell you that you shouldn't feel that way or you should be over it by now. If possible, connect with your community, whether it is a neighbor, friend, co-worker, place of worship, etc. Distractions can be very helpful to take your mind off the grief you are experiencing.  

Outreach Events
Tours of the Southeast Raleigh Campus
Curious about what it looks like inside our new, 35,000 sq. foot medical facility in Southeast Raleigh? Join us for a tour!

Please contact Jessie at jguggenheim@advancechc.org or (919)573-0069 to set up a time.

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For more information on events and Outreach & Enrollment dates, visit our website: www.advancechc.org.

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Happy Holidays from Advance Community Health!

Healthcare for the Entire Family under One Roof
In mid-November Advance Community Health's Pediatric and Dental Practices moved into the second floor of our new building in Southeast Raleigh, completing the first phase of moving the clinical divisions into the new facility. "We are able to serve 10,000 more 
patients, which translates into 28,000 new visits annually," said Charles Faust, COO. 
All ages can now be served  at our Southeast Raleigh location, including:  children, teens, adults, and seniors.

In addition to o ur expanded capa city, we have i nvested in hydraulic beds in our Senior Health Center, making it  easier for our senior patients to get onto and off of the examination table.  And coming soon, the pharmacy will open in early 2015. Our goal is to become the community's medical home, where all patients are welcomed regardless of the barriers they face. 
I am Advance Community Health... 
Meet Ashley Lasher
1. Why did you choose to work at a Community Health Center?
I have worked in Southeast Raleigh before as an outpatient therapist, so I am very familiar with many of the challenges.
I was very excited to see that Advance Community Health had made the decision to take an integrative approach to treatment. I knew it was something I really wanted to be part of.

2. What do you like about your job?

When a patient (or parent) comes to the office and needs help, but doesn't know what to do, I love being able to educate them on the mental health system as well as offer them treatment in the office. I've also learned that often when you say "I'm a social worker," people have mixed feeling of what that means.

3. What are you doing to make a difference?

There is no better reward then when a patient feels like you have made a difference in their lives. In the past, I've worked with children suffering from trauma.  It is gratifying to have worked with children to help them share their trauma narrative and then reflect on the progress they have made in treatment. I hope to reach as many children as possible, educate them about mental health and help them to best meet their own personal needs. 
Having the Gift of Healthcare
When Toby Davis came to Advance Community Health in Louisburg to refill a prescription for diabetes, he had no idea that all four of his arteries were almost completely blocked A routine check-up revealed this life-threatening condition, and within a week he was having open heart surgery.
Today, Toby is grateful for the competent and compassionate care he received at a Community Health Center. As Toby puts it, "You saved my life, I'm so blessed, and I'm thankful."
Toby came to the Louisburg location because he could not find a doctor in Wake Forest who would see patients without insurance. He travels 30 minutes to Louisburg to get medical care on a Sliding Fee Scale. When he came in to refill his diabetes medication, the Physician Assistant did a routine physical.  Because of multiple risk factors for coronary artery disease, she also ordered a routine EKG. That test essentially saved his life.  "If it hadn't been caught, I would have died," said Toby. 
Upon discovering the abnormal EKG results, we immediately referred him to a cardiologist.  Within a week, Toby was having quadruple bypass open heart surgery. 
Toby still gets choked up when he tells his story.  When referral coordinator Derrick Crudup heard about the surgery, he said, "I'm so thankful that he listened to our advice to see the cardiologist immediately. That saved his life." Toby wants to tell others about the services a Community Health Center provides. He knows there are people like him who do not have insurance and cannot afford to see a doctor. He is grateful to have a medical home. 
Now, you can give the gift of healthcare!

OUR MISS ION: To deliver quality, compassionate primary healthcare--every patient, every time--in response to the ne eds of our communities.

For appointments, call 919-833-3111
Development office: 919-573-0069
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