Well, it didn’t snow much in many locations but even the inch or so most places got required service the past several nights. Our teams had prepped and were prepared for plowing deeper snow as was forecasted but didn’t fall except in higher and outlying areas. Typical storm that didn’t exactly match the forecast and varied depending on different parts of the city.


Our team has been up until the wee hours of the morning out pre-treating, sanding, shoveling and deicing throughout the city. They get weary over time but are all excited to serve our clients and put up with the cold and graveyard shift schedule as they know how much you rely on them and frequently praise them for the results. They may be home sleeping right now after a long night and in preparation of another long night tonight, but they are sleeping with smiles on their faces knowing their hard work was worth it. 


It is on and off snow showers and freezing weather through Friday so be confident that we are monitoring conditions and deploying accordingly. 


We hope all of you have a safe and happy New Years! (hopefully this winter weather will be gone by then).

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