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In the last newsletter, we mentioned an ongoing installation of our FreeStyle BioLock product over access flooring at Boston’s Children’s Hospital. This is far from our first access flooring installation at a hospital. Here’s one from Kaleida Women & Children’s Hospital of Buffalo.

When Kaleida Women’s and Children’s Hospital replaced its floors, they needed flooring that could be installed with minimal downtime. The hospital also required a “green” floor — one that would be comfortable to walk on and in a style consistent with the designer’s vision. While the requirements seem hefty, our FreeStyle product fit the bill.

The hospital’s maintenance crew installed the new floors directly over the existing ceramic floor, with little to no disruption to the hospital’s everyday happenings. To match the décor, SelecTech created a custom color to seamlessly blend into the overall aesthetic while providing enhanced underfoot comfort for those on their feet for long hours.

For complete details on the project, click on the case study below. For more information on FreeStyle producs, give us a call at 508-583-3200.
Problems our flooring solves
  • Can be installed over problem sub-floors
  • Covers high moisture concrete
  • No adhesive failures to worry about quick installation
  • Meets “quick build” timelines
  • Installs directly over existing floors/eliminates wait
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