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Providing Care to the Uninsured, and soon, to Medicaid Patients
What does this mean for CrossOver and our patients?
Dear CrossOver Friends and Family,

As you may be aware, in May 2018 the Virginia General Assembly voted to approve Medicaid expansion, providing Medicaid coverage for up to 400,000 adults living in Virginia with income below 138% of the Federal Poverty Level. Medicaid expansion will go into effect January 1, 2019. Currently, Virginia has some of the strictest Medicaid eligibility requirements in the country - a family of three is only eligible for Medicaid if they make no more than $6,900 annually. With Medicaid expansion, a family of three making up to $28,677 can soon qualify for Medicaid. It's estimated that 40,000 Richmond area residents will be newly Medicaid eligible as of January 1, 2019.
So what does this mean for CrossOver Healthcare Ministry?
CrossOver will continue to provide care for the uninsured, and will also provide care for our current patients who are eligible for and enroll in Medicaid. In 2018, CrossOver provided high-quality, comprehensive medical care to 5,592 uninsured patients. We estimate that 2,000 of our current patients are eligible for Medicaid. Initially, we will limit our number of Medicaid patients to current CrossOver patients and their immediate family members. However, we will continue to accept new uninsured patients. Our participation in Medicaid does not mean that our need for committed donors and dedicated volunteers will decrease – we need you! Medicaid will only account for 6% of CrossOver’s 2019 revenue, which will not cover the cost of providing care to Medicaid patients. Your continued support is critical to our ability to provide care for the underserved in our local community. 

Why did we make this decision?
We elected to provide care to Medicaid patients, in addition to continuing to serve the uninsured, because we believe that our patients should have the option to continue receiving compassionate and comprehensive care from a medical home that they know and trust. The decision to serve Medicaid patients stems from our mission to provide high-quality healthcare to people in need and our belief that the newly Medicaid eligible will have difficulty finding a new medical home, as there is a shortage of Medicaid providers in Virginia.

While this is a big change, we believe that providing continuity of care for all of our patients, including those who will soon enroll in Medicaid, is firmly in line with our mission to provide high-quality healthcare to people in need. We anticipate that you may have further questions. In an effort to answer those questions, we have created a dedicated webpage which we encourage you to visit at .

On behalf of the Board of Directors and staff, we want to express our sincere thanks for your role in making CrossOver a medical home for our patients. We’re excited to start this next chapter and greatly appreciate your continued support. 

Julie Bilodeau
Don Seitz
Board President
P.S. We hope you will read Samir's story below. Samir is one of an estimated 2,000 current CrossOver patients who will be eligible for Medicaid effective January 1, 2019.
Samir's Story - Gestational Diabetes
Samir, a 29 year-old mother of three, was forced by war to flee her home in South Sudan several years ago. In a refugee camp and pregnant with her third child, she developed gestational diabetes. After arriving in the United States she had Medicaid for a time, but when her eligibility expired she was unable to afford the medications that she needed to manage her diabetes.

By the time she found CrossOver, Samir’s blood sugar levels were literally off the charts. As a result of her diabetes, Samir is at high risk of complications were she to become pregnant again. CrossOver’s Women’s Health Team was able to provide her with a secure form of birth control, and our PharmD team was able to provide education and medication management to bring her diabetes under control.

With the expansion of Medicaid, Samir will be eligible for Medicaid effective January 1, 2019. CrossOver will be providing care to Medicaid patients because we want to ensure that our current patients like Samir continue to have a medical home. With a lack of Medicaid providers in Virginia, it is vital that Samir have a medical home to turn to for continued management of her diabetes, so that she can focus on staying healthy for her three children. 

To read additional patient stories and learn more about the positive impact of Medicaid on our current patients, visit .
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