We’re working to empower women when they speak to our providers. The lack of trust women feel toward their doctors further compounds nationwide health disparities at a time when 11% of women are uninsured, a number that will surely rise due to COVID-19 layoffs.

Providing exclusive programs for women is essential to quality care. APLA Health created the ROAR program as a trusted space for women to feel heard and understood. Through ROAR, women are able to interact with women providers in an open, affordable and affirming environment.

We want to empower the women who come to our clinics to be drivers of their own healthcare. We encourage them to ask questions, be direct about their needs and be honest with us.

Funds raised at AIDS Walk 2020 directly impact the health outcomes for women in LA County and help reduce disparities in care. Thank you for advocating for women’s health through your participation.
What to do this week
Up your fundraising game! How resourceful can you be this week with whom you ask and how you ask? We know it can be a little tricky asking for donations when you can’t go about your day like you’re used to, but we know you’re up for the challenge.

Have you considered our Fundraising Tip #4 ? Ask the 5 most recent people you’ve texted or snapped with to contribute $10 each. It’s all about being creative and making the most of the moment. How are you raising money this year?
Lois Perilman
AIDS Walk LA Walker

Lois has been part of AIDS Walk LA since 1992, and it is her hope that the funds she raises bring us closer to ending HIV/AIDS. “I walk with my son, Paul, in remembrance of my cousin David Rubinstein and his partner Wayne Parker.” Last year, Lois saw that Wayne’s brother, Sean, submitted a story to us, and so Lois submitted her cousin’s story hoping Sean would see it.

“David was the production stage manager for Phantom of the Opera,” says Lois. “He was a vibrant, wonderful, loving man whom we watched deteriorate so quickly. He got sick in the late 1980’s and was gone before his 40th birthday. This was the time when all the medications for HIV/AIDS were experimental and he went through ‘Hell.’ The HIV/AIDS community has made great strides in making life easier for those affected.” Sean Parker, if you’re out there, Lois would like to speak to you!