Province V Newsletter | June 2020
News from Province V
Highlights of this edition:
  • Opening Prayers
  • Call to the Synod
  • Leadership Coaching Project
  • Networking Conversations
  • Check out the webpage that summarizes all of the networking opportunities.
  • Each formed network also has a webpage with additional information.
  • June 23-26: Oasis: Young Adult and Campus Ministries Leadership Conference
  • Creation Care Challenge and info
Opening Prayers
**As we edit this newsletter very late on May 31, protests are happening across the United States. We are not unaware of the heavy concerns of this time, and offer our prayers and ask for yours. We do still offer you our monthly newsletter with what might seem "mundane" or "peripheral" based on world events. We hold all of these things in our hearts: news and events mentioned here, an unsteady world knocked off-kilter by a virus, and an exploding world rocked by protests. Peace and prayers in this time.
A Prayer for the Power of the Spirit among the People of God 
God of all power and love,
we give thanks for your unfailing presence
and the hope you provide in times of uncertainty and loss.
Send your Holy Spirit to enkindle in us your holy fire.
Revive us to live as Christ’s body in the world:
a people who pray, worship, learn,
break bread, share life, heal neighbors,
bear good news, seek justice, rest and grow in the Spirit.
Wherever and however we gather,
unite us in common prayer and send us in common mission,
that we and the whole creation might be restored and renewed,
through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen .

Portions of: Daybreak liturgy for the Summer Solstice

* You are the Lord of this short night and the breaking dawn. Amen.
* You are our help from one solstice to another, and watch with us throughout the year,
Lord beyond time yet incarnate in time.

Seeing the Sunrise
King of the brightness and of the sun,
You alone know the reason for our being,
be with us every day,
be with us every night,
be with us each night and day,
with us every day and night.
  • from Saltair, translated by Desmond Forristal

Call to the Synod
Province V of the Episcopal Church
April 30-May 1, 2021
South Bend, Indiana

Notice is hearby given that the triennial synod of the Fifth Province of the Episcopal Church is to take place on May 1, 2021. Our theme will be "Supporting Our Communities." This meeting is part of the Big Provincial Gathering April 30-May 1.

Our event will be held in South Bend, Indiana, the Diocese of Northern Indiana. If, by chance, we must restrict gatherings and practice social distancing because of the Covid-19 virus, we will alert the synod deputies and BPG 20201 participants with our change of plans.

We are delighted to have The Reverend Gay Clark Jennings, President of the House of Deputies, as our special guest.

Business of Synod:
  • Elect officers the Executive Board
  • Elect the Prov V representative to Executive Council (this year - a lay person)
  • Review and pass a budget
  • Review any General Convention resolutions that are brought to the province
  • Any other business that comes before Synod

Additional information about nominations and resolutions will be provided in future mailings and will include job descriptions and deadlines for submission.

General Convention deputy pre-convention orientation will be online and will not be part of the Synod schedule. Details about orientation will be provided to deputies and alternates as that becomes available.

Take care and God bless,

Genevieve Callard
President of Province V
Leadership Coaching Project
Equipping Leaders to Equip Leaders
Province V and the Diocese of Fond du Lac proudly announce the  Leadership Coaching Project  (LCP)! This new project trains leaders to be coaches through ministry-aimed Coach Approach Skill Training.  All leaders are invited to review the program information on the website to learn how they might be part of this project.

EQUIPPING LEADERS – Learn and Grow your skills as a careful listening and reflective questioning Coach through the well-established Holmes Coaching Group.  
  • Training takes a commitment of ~100 hours for coursework and homework.  
  • Upon completion, Trained Coaches will be matched with other leaders throughout the province.
  • Zoom-based training will be held Monday and Wednesday mornings (10 am - 1 pm eastern time), September 14 - November 4.  There are still slots open for this first training session. 

EQUIP YOURSELF AS A LEADER – Coaches can help you bring about transformation faster and with greater impact than other forms of engagement. 
  • Coaching can be for laity, clergy, denominational leaders or Bishops.
  • Individuals, a group, or a team can benefit from working with LCP Coaches, growing through challenge, transparency and continual learning as outgrowths of coaching from one who listens and questions with care.
  • Coaches can help positively change the culture in self-identified areas to help sustain hope, health and creativity in your location.
  • Now is the time to begin thinking if and how your communities might benefit from working with one of the LCP Coaches! Trained Coaches will soon be available to partner with you, and coaching might be available for free or at a subsidized rate.

Find out more about the program at

For information on LCP Coach training or to discuss Coaching by one of the LCP Trained Coaches, contact Province V Coordinator Heather Barta at or (989) 413-3229.
Networking Conversations
Province V's work in the world is to "Connect. Network. Support." We invite people to gathering around topics of interest. There are a number of topics who are meeting regularly and a couple that are just getting organized.

Upcoming Network Conversations:

Emerging Networks:

If you would like to host a conversation on a topic not listed above, please contact Heather .
Oasis: Young Adult and Campus Ministries Leadership Conference 2020

June 23-26 - ONLINE format!
The Young Adult and Campus Ministry Annual Leadership Conference, to be held June 23-26, 2020, is an opportunity for Episcopal leaders in ministry with young adults on and off college campuses to meet and connect with one another and to be nourished and nurtured in their ministry.

Registration deadline: June 8
Creation Care Network:
Challenge and News
June Challenge!
3 options! Pick the one(s) that invite you into a new way of interacting with the world and your community!

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)
Find your local CSAs and find out how to be a member. Shop local and know your farmers! This can make a huge different in the food chain.

Farmer's Markets
Farmer's Markets are another wonderful way to meet farmers and purchase food that is grown near your house. Visit the nearest, or a couple of the nearest, and purchase the seasonal items that you love - or try something new. Most farmers have not only the fruits and veggies, but also new recipes to try. These are especially important for those "what do I do with this?" vegetables!

Summer Solstice - June 20, 2020
Find a way to mark the longest day this year. Say a personal prayer, send a prayer via email, post on facebook, or your parish websites. There is full liturgy in Celtic Daily Prayer, Book Two: Farther UP and Farther In .


More resources are on the Creation Care Network page .

If you need ideas or assistance in your area, join the next Creation Care Network meeting or contact Catherine Duffy , convener. Keep an eye out for seasonal challenges from the Creation Care Network!

The Episcopal Church: Creation Care Newsletter
Sign up for the monthly newsletter from the Creation Care office at the Episcopal Church Center.

Creation Care Pledge
Province V Executive Board

Do you have questions about Province V? Would you like to be more involved in planning the events that are offered at the provincial level?

Contact your diocesan representative to the Executive Board:
Ms. Gennie Callard, Western Michigan, President
The Rt. Rev. Mark Hollingsworth, Ohio, Vice President
Ms. Adrienne Dillon, Misouri, Secretary
Ms. Courtney Reid, Chicago, Treasurer
Ms. Jane Cisluycis, Executive Council Representative
The Rev. Matthew Cowden, Executive Council Representative
The Rev. Fran Holliday, Chicago
Ms. Katie Forsyth, Eastern Michigan
(The Rev. Aaron Zook), Eau Claire
Mr. David Annis, Fond du Lac
Ms. Joan Amati, Indianapolis
Ms. Anna Stania, Michigan
The Rev. Matthew Buterbaugh, Milwaukee
Ms. Betty Bowersox, Missouri
Mr. Christopher Hillak, Northern Indiana
Mr. Rick Stanitis, Northern Michigan
The Rev. Aaron Gerlach, Ohio
Mr. Edward Lasseigne, Southern Ohio
Ms. Jan Goossens, Springfield
The Rev. Joel Turmo, Western Michigan

Heather Barta , Province V Coordinator
Save the Date!!!
 The Province V Executive Board
proudly announces the
Big Provincial Gathering
April 30-May 1, 2021
South Bend, Indiana

Special Guest:
The Rev. Gay Clark Jennings,
President of the House of Deputies

**This event will also include the Triennial Province V Synod Meeting
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