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Coaches are available for any of the work above and they will coach ALL leaders – both clergy and lay. All of them will offer an introductory session to see if you're a good fit. If you work in a rural area, you might qualify for free coaching. Find out more and explore coaching with a trained leadership coach!

Types of coaching
Individual Coaching
Individual Coaching allows for a person to have a 1-on-1 conversation with the coach. The session focuses on the leader’s needs, plans, and goals. This format is ideal for leaders who are very focused on personal growth and development and need time to process their challenges and develop their plans. 

Leaders that might appreciate individual coaching: Senior Wardens, Vestry Members, Church Staff Members, Clergy, Committee Chairs, Bishops.

Coaching Clusters
Coaching Clusters are set up for triads of people to be coached in a 90 minute session, each getting 30 minutes of coaching. The members of the group are often people with something in common, with each working on their own goals. This format is ideal for leaders who would like to be coached while also connecting with other leaders who have similar challenges. This format allows for each person to be coached individually while also hearing others getting coached, which can sometimes lead to deeper learning. Coaching Clusters also allow for community and network building.

Leaders that might appreciate coaching clusters (where your group consists of the same role): Senior Wardens, Vestry Members, Church Staff Members, Deacons, Priests, Chairs of Diocesan Standing Committee, Chairs of Diocesan Commissions on Ministry.

Team Coaching
Team Coaching focuses on a whole team of people and the work that they are trying to do together. This group is together because they have a common goal and mission or they are trying to define that common goal and mission. Sometimes the people aren’t yet functioning as a team and want to learn how to be a better team, and sometimes the team wants to take their mission and ministry to the next level of efficiency. 

Teams that might appreciate coaching: Vestries, Church Staffs, Diocesan Staffs, Camp and Conference Staffs, Parish Committees, Diocesan Standing Committees, Diocesan Commissions on Ministries.

For information on LCP Coach training or to discuss Coaching by one of the LCP Trained Coaches, visit this website or contact Province V Coordinator Heather Barta at or (989) 413-3229.