Province V Newsletter | May 2021
News from Province V
Highlights of this edition:
  • Opening Prayer
  • Province V Synod - TODAY!
  • "Neighbor to Neighbor" Learning Event - with EMM
  • Rogation Days
  • Grant Writing Webinar - hosted by UTO
  • Episcopal Service Corps
  • Deradicalization Survey
  • Leadership Coaching Project
  • Network Information and Details

Grants and Scholarships:
  • Province V Network Initiative Grants are available.
  • Province V Scholarships for conferences and trainings are available.
Opening Prayer
Rogation Prayer
O God, from whom all good proceeds:
You established your covenant with all
creation. Guide us and all your people,
that we may walk upon the earth in righteousness and peace,
and honor you in our kinship with all your creatures;
through our Risen Lord, Jesus Christ,
who with you and the Holy Spirit lives and
reigns, one God, to the ages of ages. Amen.

Province V Synod
It's not too late to register for today's meeting!
Register here and we'll see you soon!

Whether you attend or not, you can visit the Synod webpage to watch videos and see the resources being shared at the event.

Synod will also be streamed on Facebook.
"Neighbor to Neighbor" Event
May 18, 2021, 8-9 pm ET / 7-8 pm CT
A Learning Event opportunity with Episcopal Migration Ministries

In partnership with Episcopal Migration Ministries, we are pleased to announce a special “Learning Event” will take place on Tuesday May 18th at 8 pm EDT/7pm CDT where you can learn more about their new nationwide “Neighbor to Neighbor” initiative. This network connects newly arrived asylum seekers with nearby Episcopal congregations for support, guidance and assistance. Please join us on the 18th to learn more. Any questions can be directed to Lesley MacKellar, Province V Executive Board member, at or Cristina Rathbone, Missioner for Neighbor to Neighbor, at

More information about Neighbor to Neighbor.

Rogation Days
May 10-12, 2021
Rogation Day Reflections by Episcopal Networks Collaborative Lectionary Project

Episcopal Networks Collaborative Releases: Reimagining and Honoring the Ancient Practice of Rogation: Modern Reflections for Rogation Days
The Episcopal Networks Collaborative, which consists of The Episcopal Network for Economic Justice (ENEJ), The Union of Black Episcopalians (UBE), and people interested in advancing environmental justice across the United States, is excited to provide a collection of reflections on Rogationtide. Rogation Days (May 10- May 12) are a small season between the Sixth Sunday in Easter and Ascension Day. Historically, Rogation served four purposes, which we attempt to highlight in our writings. These focuses were: blessing the land for harvest, reconciliation of differences, neighborliness, and mercy for the poor. When we began to think critically about this season we noticed a common thread: community. We hope these reflections prompt conversations and actions that unify our sense of belonging and strengthen our ability and desire to love and care for The Other. 

Introduction to Grant Writing
May 18, 2021, 12 pm ET / 11 am CT
Join Heather Melton, UTO Staff Officer, to talk through some of the best tips and tricks for grant writing. Many congregations are facing two realities over the summer: reopening buildings and reconnecting with community members as the pandemic shifts into a new phase. For many congregations and ministries, this means that new ideas may come to light, or old problems with infrastructure resurfacing. This means that many of you will begin to consider applying for grant funding. Due to the pandemic, many funding sources may be experiencing financial losses over previous years, making the process more competitive then ever. This webinar will walk you through ways to search for grant funding, best practices for filling out a grant application, and tips and tricks to ensure your online presence supports your application. Feel free to bring with you ideas of projects so that we can help workshop your idea through finding sources of funding in your area.

Episcopal Service Corps
Recruiting for the 2021-22 Service Year
Help ESC Recruit the 2021-2022 Corps
Episcopal Service Corps (ESC) is actively recruiting for the 2021-2022 Service Year and needs your help sharing this fantastic opportunity. Here are a few ways you can help get the word out:

Invite young adults in your network to consider ESC
Visual images and flyers can be found in this Google folder to help you promote ESC as an option for young adults in your network who are between 21 and 32 years of age. One of these may fit in your newsletter, diocesan mailing, social media, or other location. You can also share the following links:

Invite an ESC Program Director to your community meeting
ESC Program Directors welcome the opportunity to “zoom” into one of your online gatherings as a guest speaker. In addition to sharing information about a year of service broadly and about our programs specifically, program directors can also lead a short vocational exercise, worship opportunity, or guided conversation or teaching that fits into your goals for your ministry.

Please email ESC Coordinator, Wendy Johnson ( if you would like to invite someone to speak with your community, or if there is other information or other resources that you could use to share this opportunity to live, serve, and pray in community. 
Deradicalization Survey
Brief survey seeks churchwide perceptions
The Office of Government Relations is asking Episcopalians to complete a brief, confidential survey on perceptions and existing initiatives on deradicalization within The Episcopal Church.

In January of 2021, Executive Council asked the Office of Government Relations and the Office for Ecumenical and Inter-Religious Relations to consult with ecumenical and interfaith partners and other departments on the church-wide staff to develop a plan for The Episcopal Church’s holistic response to Christian nationalism and violent white supremacy. Information gathered from the survey responses will help guide this work.

Special Coaching Offer!
Coaching Sessions
The Leadership Coach Project members would like to offer some additional support to leaders as they navigate through the next phase of the pandemic and start planning for post pandemic life and ministry.

This video debuts today at Synod!
In it, there is an offer for leaders who are looking to be coached about post-pandemic work. Receive up to 3 coaching sessions at no cost to you.
Visit this website or contact Heather for more information.

Types of coaching
Individual Coaching
Individual Coaching allows for a person to have a 1-on-1 conversation with the coach. The session focuses on the leader’s needs, plans, and goals. This format is ideal for leaders who are very focused on personal growth and development and need time to process their challenges and develop their plans. 

Leaders that might appreciate individual coaching: Senior Wardens, Vestry Members, Church Staff Members, Clergy, Committee Chairs, Bishops.

Coaching Clusters
Coaching Clusters are set up for triads of people to be coached in a 90 minute session, each getting 30 minutes of coaching. The members of the group are often people with something in common, with each working on their own goals. This format is ideal for leaders who would like to be coached while also connecting with other leaders who have similar challenges. This format allows for each person to be coached individually while also hearing others getting coached, which can sometimes lead to deeper learning. Coaching Clusters also allow for community and network building.

Leaders that might appreciate coaching clusters (where your group consists of the same role): Senior Wardens, Vestry Members, Church Staff Members, Deacons, Priests, Chairs of Diocesan Standing Committee, Chairs of Diocesan Commissions on Ministry.

Team Coaching
Team Coaching focuses on a whole team of people and the work that they are trying to do together. This group is together because they have a common goal and mission or they are trying to define that common goal and mission. Sometimes the people aren’t yet functioning as a team and want to learn how to be a better team, and sometimes the team wants to take their mission and ministry to the next level of efficiency. 

Teams that might appreciate coaching: Vestries, Church Staffs, Diocesan Staffs, Camp and Conference Staffs, Parish Committees, Diocesan Standing Committees, Diocesan Commissions on Ministries.

Contact a coach today!
Coaches are available for any of the work above and they will coach ALL leaders – both clergy and lay. All of them will offer an introductory session to see if you're a good fit. If you work in a rural area, you might qualify for free coaching. Find out more and explore coaching with a trained leadership coach!

For information on LCP Coach training or to discuss Coaching by one of the LCP Trained Coaches, visit this website or contact Province V Coordinator Heather Barta at or (989) 413-3229.
Networking Conversations
Province V's work in the world is to "Connect. Network. Support." We invite people to gather around topics of interest. There are a number of networks meeting regularly and several that are just getting organized. Most network meetings last about 60 minutes. See their webpages or email their contact for more information.
For a full list of Networks and other Affiliated Organizations, visit the Province V website.
Creation Care
Date of next meeting: May 3, 11 am E / 10 am C
Convener: Catherine Duffy, Ohio
Dismantling Racism
Date of next meeting: May 19, 11 am E / 10 am C
Convener: Susie Shaefer, Michigan

At our May meeting, we will focus on anti-racism work with young people. Jen Enriquez & Will Bouvel (Diocese of Chicago) will be sharing their experience creating and using a new curriculum this past Lent, and Ginger Soloqua will join us to talk about racial justice pilgrimage trips with youth.
Episcopal Network for Economic Justice
Date of next meeting: May 6, 1:30 pm E / 12:30 pm C
Zoom link: (waiting room)
Convener: Steven Simpkins, Ohio
Leadership in Parishes without Clergy
Date of next meeting: May 22, 11 am E / 10 am C
Zoom link: (password: 5)
Convener: (Matthew Buterbaugh, Milwaukee)
Migration Ministries
Date of next meeting: EVENT on May 18!
Convener: (Lesley MacKellar, Indianapolis)

Neighbor to Neighbor Learning Event - May 18, 8 pm ET / 7 pm CT
The Province V Migration Ministries Network hosts the Episcopal Migration Ministries in sharing information about their new nationwide "Neighbor to Neighbor" initiative. More information above in this newsletter or at our webpage.
Registration is required.

Border & Migration Ministry Summit
Episcopal Migration Ministries to co-host the 2021 Border & Migration Ministry Summit
October 21-23, 2021
Ministry in Resort Communities
Date of next meeting: May 11, 11 a E / 10 am C
Zoom link: (waiting room)
Convener: Dave Penniman, Western Michigan

The ministries we provide in resort communities are especially local and contextual. Our communities have year-round residents, we have resorters who stay in a home (perhaps waterfront), a condominium, or long-term in an RV park, and we have tourists who come for a weekend or maybe a week-long stay. These populations have different needs, and most of the folks we meet at worship or public events have a connection with a congregation back home. We have the ongoing challenge of providing for their spiritual needs while they are with us, and supporting the spiritual growth that will enrich their participation in their home congregations. We share some ideas that have worked (and learn from ideas that did not work) in our conversations.
Prison / Jail Ministry
Date of next meeting: TBD
Convener: (Aaron Gerlach, Ohio)
Public Theology
Date of next meeting: Events are being planned now! (Look for these to begin later this year on the 3rd Mondays of the month)
Convener: Marcia Ledford, Michigan

If you are interested in being part of the planning task force, please contact Marcia Ledford. This task force will plan the events that are presented during the network time.
Recovery Ministries
Date of next meeting: TBD
Convener: Kathy Mank, Southern Ohio
Suicide Prevention
Date of next meeting: May 4, 11 am E / 10 am C
Zoom link: (waiting room)
Convener: Kathy Mank, Southern Ohio

Soul Shop Presentation
During our April meeting, we heard from Michelle Synder of Soul Shop: Faith Based Suicide Prevention. You can see the recording here.
Coordinator: McKenzie Knill, Eastern/Western Michigan
Young Adult / Campus Ministry
Interim Coordinator: Stacy Alan, Chicago
Upcoming Webinars
There are a great number of webinars available to you. Check out the following resources:
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Province V Executive Board

Do you have questions about Province V? Would you like to be more involved in planning the events that are offered at the provincial level?

Contact your diocesan representative to the Executive Board:
The Rt. Rev. Mark Hollingsworth, Ohio, President
Canon Jane Cisluycis, Vice President
Ms. Adrienne Dillon, Missouri, Secretary
The Rev. Courtney Reid, Chicago, Treasurer
Canon Jane Cisluycis, Executive Council Representative
The Rev. Matthew Cowden, Executive Council Representative
The Rev. Fran Holliday, Chicago
Ms. Katie Forsyth, Eastern Michigan
(The Rev. Aaron Zook), Eau Claire
Mr. David Annis, Fond du Lac
Ms. Lesley MacKellar, Indianapolis
Ms. Anna Stania, Michigan
The Rev. Matthew Buterbaugh, Milwaukee
Ms. Betty Bowersox, Missouri
Mr. Christopher Hillak, Northern Indiana
Mr. Rick Stanitis, Northern Michigan
The Rev. Aaron Gerlach, Ohio
Mr. Edward Lasseigne, Southern Ohio
Ms. Jan Goossens, Springfield
The Rev. Joel Turmo, Western Michigan

Heather Barta, Province V Coordinator
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