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Tuesday, November 7


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with Andrea Bagby

Everyone who has the will cna communicate with loved ones on the other side. There is no trick or secret, rather a sincere interest in making contact. Like anything else it is easier when you have an experienced teacher who guides you through the first steps. After that, opening your mind and heart is all that is necessary. With practice everyone becomes more proficient. Open your horizons now to experience this amazing communication modality. You will learn protection and discernment while making profound connections with the other side. "Death is nothing at all, I have just stepped into the next room." Emma Pegler quote. 2 Mystery School Credits 7:30 - 9:30 PM $200.00 Pre-registratin is strongly recommended.Class Size Limited.

Wednesday, November 15


Be Sure to Bring a Personal Object of Your Own or Someone You would Like a Reading For

with Sherry Henderson

psychometry /sī-kŏm′ĭ-trē/


  1. The supposed ability or art of divining information about people or events associated with an object solely by touching or being near to it.

Everything in nature is made of light and sound. Scientific experiments have shown evidence that humans' DNA "program" photons, (particles of f ambient light). Learn more and experience this for yourself!

LOWER PRICE through the Holidays! $10 through Jan 1, 2024

Every Week on Wednesday evenings we will hone our psychic skills. You don't have to be psychic to participate, but you will realize your psychic abilities after practicing!

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Psychic Fair

Saturday, November 18 10 Am - 8 PM

Sunday, November 19 Noon - 6 PM

Readings Still Only $20 for 20 or 2/$35

Holiday hours are as follows:

Close at 4 PM Wednesday, November 22

& Reopen at 10 AM Saturday, November 25

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Astro Forecast November 13 - 19

With a very old waning Moon, the energy is almost flat, but that's probably a good thing as the Moon is opposite Uranus and conjoins Mars, which is still moving out of an opposition with Uranus in the early morning hours.This crazy pre-dawn action is likely to leave us exhausted from the nervious tension so that by noon the lunar trine with Neptune begs for a lunchtime nap. The action heats up again with the Sun opposite Uranus all day. Today is a "Don't fence me in kind of mood". My mother used to call this kind of energy "high strung". This evening the Moon is sextile Pluto. Anything that needs to come out in the open probably will right after dinnertime. By bedtime tonight the Moon, now in Sagittarius is square Saturn. This is not the time to try to deal with elders or anyone in a position of authority. The Moon is new at 9:23 PM.

Tuesday fares much better. The Moon conjoins Mercury and is sextile Venus. People tend to be more kind. Communications are much better. Be careful about being more generous than you can afford to be. This tendency gets worse on Wednesday.

Mercury is sextile Venus and quincunx Jupiter today. There is an urge to be kind, generous and loving in your speech and actions, but a lunar quincunx with Uranus in the late morning,finds things to be too erratic to be able to settle down on anything. By late afternoon, the lunar square to Mercury may have you turning in to the bar for happy hour, or dropping in the gym for a steam bath to relax. Whatever was said this morning may create difficulty by tonight as Mercury makes an exact quincunx at 10 :35 PM.

Thursday Venus is quincunx Jupiter. It's yet another day of questioning the generous promises that you have made and probably needing to back-track. The Moon is sextile Saturn in the early morning hours. This may bring a clue as to how to structure emotions and finances. Late this afternoon, the moon, now in Capricorn brings a gift. A lunar square to Venus just after may reveal that strings are attached.

Friday Mars is trine Neptune and the Sun is trine Neptune. In the early afternoon, the Moon is trine Uranus, then Neptune, the Sun and finally Mars. Imagination and fantasy fill the day. Action is difficult - like running in deep water, but it is also compelling you to get things done.

Saturday the Sun conjoins Mars. It is now a day of action. The Moon moves into Aquarius in the early morning after making a conjunction with Pluto. Watch out for manipulation tactics in your dealings today. A lunar square to Jupiter in the early evening suggests that there could be over spending, over eating or any of the overdoing things.

Sunday the Moon is trine Venus then sextile Mercury in the pre-dawn hours. Communications are pleasant, even if they do come in the dream state. The Moon is square Uranus this evening. Watch out for a restless urge - yours or some one else's.

Dr. Sherry Henderson founded the Atlanian Mystery Schools, a holistic and metaphysical professional training program for astrologers, spiritual healers, ministers and counselors in 1995. Dr. Henderson teaches astrology, Kabbalah, psychic development, Tarot, world religion and spiritual business classes. She is a practicing Tarot reader & astrologer. Dr. Henderson is the director of The Inner Space metaphysical center in Atlanta, Georgia.
For information on classes or to schedule an appointment,
call 404-252-4540.
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