Re-Create Yourself
Practice Psychodrama

July 24, Saturday 1 to 7

During the summer, while the sun shines Brightest, we celebrate living by breathing new life into THE ROLES WE PLAY AND THE ROLES WE WANT. We exhale what is no longer working for us. Over and over again creating ourselves anew.

The methods and underlying theory of Psychodrama, Group Psychotherapy, and Sociometry help structure our EXPLORATIONS into Role Dynamics and the Creative Processes lying just beneath the surface of our complex and interdependent living. This involve freedom of choice, as you create new spaces and possibilities by accessing your own inner compass. This is soul work, done in action and with the help of a compassionate group of people in a safe group structure.
This training gains strength from our intention to show up for ourselves and others and our willingness to be surprised with what comes forward. When your feel safe and trusting enough you can open to fresh ways of being with yourself and others as you seek more of the life you want.
This is trauma informed work, including both big traumas and little traumas, helps us to move beyond our survivor roles and social/cultural trainings and into a space in which we can chose and practice the roles we want, creating more of the self we want to become. Together we co create ourselves.

Prior experience is not necessary. Life is experience enough.

Fee is $125 or Sliding scale
Bring Food to Share

Six Training credits from the American Board of Examiners in Group Psychotherapy, Psychodrama and Sociometry may be earned.

Image Credit: Painting by Sonia Delaunay
Marianne and Bob Shapiro co-facilitate these training workshops, they are both Board Certified Psychodramatists. Marianne is also a Certified Trainer and Educator of this dynamic, creative and effective experiential group process. Marianne, MA, MFA, LMHC practices psychotherapy in Mount Vernon, WA. Bob, M.Ed., is a Tai Chi and Qi Gong Instructor. They have been actively engaged in co facilitating experiential groups in Bow WA for over 25 years.