This month we explore the concept of psychological safety and how you can use it to unleash your team's potential. Our forums@work methodology includes repeatable action steps that build enduring psychological safety, understanding, and trust between team members. Scroll down for tips to create psychological safety with your team members and review research from Harvard Business School that demonstrates how psychological safety is critical to achieve the benefits of diverse teams.

forums@work Focus: Psychological Safety

Psychological safety 


  1. A shared belief that team members will not be rejected, embarrassed, or face retaliation for speaking up with their ideas, questions, or concerns

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Try It: Offer Experiences, Not Advice

This is one of our core Forum protocols that builds psychological safety. If someone shares a personal challenge with you, resist the urge to try to solve the problem or give them assurance that it will be ok. Instead, validate their feelings and share any similar experiences you’ve had and how it made you feel. This will help build connection and increase the likelihood your team member may share similar experiences with you in the future.

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Insights from forums@work

Researchers at Harvard Business School found that diverse teams with high levels of psychological safety outperformed diverse and non-diverse teams without psychological safety. The study, summarized in a Harvard Business Review article, Research: To Excel, Diverse Teams Need Psychological Safety defines psychological safety as “a shared belief that team members will not be rejected or embarrassed for speaking up with their ideas, questions, or concerns.” Across the 60 teams they studied, diverse teams with higher reported levels of psychological safety achieved better performance and significantly higher levels of overall well being across their team.

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