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Try on a Disbility  



"Try on a Disability" is on sale through our website and available for purchase at $20 plus shipping and handling.  


This DVD is a wonderful educational piece that can be used in companies, by architects and designers. In schools, or at clubs and associations. It's less than an hour long, and it tells a very powerful story.


Please go to our website
to purchase, or call Zosia at


to order. 

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Hope is 

Not A Plan


The video, "Hope is Not A Plan" is now available on the website, in our blog and at This film should be required viewing for everyone, whether you have a disability or not. Why, you ask? Simple. Most of us will, at some time in our lives, become disabled in some way. The fact is that those of us with disabilities have no civil rights when compared to those of us who are not disabled. This should resonate with every Canadian. No disability? Your time may come. Do you want your rights? Watch the video.


An election is almost on us, and we need to discuss civil rights for people with disabilities with politicians. People with disabilities do not have a way to enforce civil rights in British Columbia, or indeed anywhere in Canada. This must change!  


View the video. Pass the link around. It's less than an hour long, and it can have a huge, and a positive, impact - if enough people see it!  





We're back with another update. We thought it was time for a reminder about some of the fun things we have planned and to let you know about some recent developments. We'll start with the important items:



First,  Help Wanted


Care Workers Needed

Care workers for round-the-clock support for an ALS patient are needed urgently. This is an opportunity for three people with experience in personal care, bed baths, using a lift to transfer patients, helping with range of motion exercises and providing chest physio. 
Candidates should have ventilator experience or they should be willing to complete the training course (costs will be covered by the employer). Other areas of responsibility and work conditions will be discussed at the interview.

The employer is currently looking for a minimum of three people who fit these requirements. Please call or email for an interview:

Call Marie 604-816-1687 or 


Then, Help Provided!


Your Society arranged for a scooter for a wonderful lady who needed it to continue to do her volunteer work in our community. Like the old adage goes, it's great when a plan comes together! We received this note from Marilyn (the recipient) and we thought it would be good to share:


My name is Marilyn.  I received a great helping hand from POS-Abilities in Langley, B.C.  The scooter they acquired for me has aided my mobility greatly and opened up my daily life tremendously.  I cannot say enough good about this charitable, non-profit organization.  The people are so helpful and friendly.  


Anyone with used equipment, be it canes; walkers; scooters of all sorts; wheelchairs or even hospital beds, should contact POS-Abilities to donate.  And you don't have to be well-to-do to make cash donations. Even small amounts help so very much.  Please consider POS-Abilities as your next donation.


Thank You POS-Abilities.


Cheers, Marilyn




Then we asked the family who made it all possible for a comment  (they asked to remain anonymous) :

"We were thrilled to donate and see the happiness of the recipient. Marilyn and her husband Mario are Langley's Seniors of  the Year this year. It just shows you that you do not have to be rich to do good works in the community."

Still Active:
We're still looking for old cellphones that work. They can be used to call 911 in an emergency, even if they aren't able to do anything else! We need them with chargers, though. They still need to be charged to make the 911 calls.
We will gratefully accept donations of these phone and charger sets and we'll re-distribute them to those in need who cannot afford to purchase them.

Please call us at 604 961-0117 or email so we can arrange to obtain them.

 And Finally: The Pub Night 
It's on November 3 at the Artful Dodger. Lots of great entertainment (check the poster below! there's new stuff!), a silent auction, a live auction, a raffle, door prizes - too much fun to count!!!
Remember, we're limiting the number of tickets  to 100, and they're moving quickly. Tickets are $25, including one drink of your choice, a buffet dinner and all the fun stuff mentioned above. Get them online from or by calling 604-961-0117 or through any board member. They're easy to get -- while they last. 
If you miss it, you miss it!
 All the best!