Have you heard of the Public Art Archive™? The PAA is an exciting new project that helps you find public art from around the nation and abroad in a single place. It is quickly becoming the ideal way to find information and images about completed public art works. Read on for more details.
The IDEAL Public Art Archive™ is available now and:
  • Is accessible on any mobile device at the same URL with no download necessary;
  • Provides helpful, full-color maps so you can find the artworks quickly;
  • Offers audio and media files to tell the full story of each artwork;
  • Is available to everyone including artists, students, tourists, conservators, administrators, and advocates;
  • Includes every collection in one database for quick cross-referencing;
  • Has a bright and sustainable future through support from an established arts service organization; and 
  • Is a FREE resource!
To participate in this project, 
email PAArchive@westaf.org (administrators with collections) or go to CaFE to submit your works for inclusion!
To subscribe to the mailing list and receive a hard copy of this collectable card series go HERE. (Look for Episode 2 in October!)

This collectable postcard series is brought to you by Kenny Be. 
Kenny Be  
Kenny Be has drawn comics for King Features Syndicate, L.A. Weekly, New York Press, Baltimore City Paper, Denver Westword, and a host of regional arts and educational organizations. In his spare time, Kenny enjoys wandering aimlessly, talking to strangers, and (extremely) light housekeeping. Find Kenny at kennybe.com.
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