Public Art Archive's Collection Management System
Scheduled Deployment: April 2018

For the first time ever, the public art field will have access to a collection management system built specifically for public art collections. The system will accommodate the public art process workflow from commissioning through conservation and is designed to reduce staff time while increasing the flow of information to administrators, artists, and the public. A special benefit of the system is that it can be associated with the existing Public Art Archive site, which contains images and text data on more than 12,000 works of public art and over 33,000 images. Later this month, the Archive will move to a new platform that will be more robust and have the ability to link to an array of engagement and social media tools currently being developed for the site.

In addition to its ability to manage a public art collection and associated processes, the Public Art Archive's CMS will allow users to efficiently push data directly into the Public Art Archive. There are many substantial benefits of connecting to PAA's existing network of searchable works of public art. These include increased exposure of public art collections beyond local networks, the ability to easily edit existing records and attach additional information and multimedia content to works of art in the database, and the use of social media tools and API integrations that are designed to prolong and deepen engagement with public art . Learn More.

No Obligation Demonstrations
Online demonstrations of the collection management system will be hosted on the dates and times listed below. Additional demonstrations can be scheduled by contacting  Public Art Archive Manager  Lori Goldstein. To register for one of the following scheduled demonstrations, please click the register link.

March 28, 2018 at 2:00 PM ET REGISTER
April 17, 2018 at 12:00 PM ET REGISTER


The Public Art Archive is excited to kick off the new year with Locate Public Art, a device-responsive web app that allows users to find public art near any location.

Use your smartphone or tablet to learn more about the public art you pass by every day. Offer tours of public art collections without the need for printed guides. Get directions to the public artwork with just a click of a button. Use the tool for taking virtual tours of public art in the classroom. Whatever your needs, Locate Public Art is available to everyone at no cost.

Locate Public Art is free to use and no download is necessary.

Not seeing your public art appear? Contact the PAA team, and we will guide you through the PAA submission process or visit our website for more information.
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"CIRCUIT" by AREA C projects / Erik Carlson + Erica Carpenter
Carla Madison Recreation Center, Denver, CO
CIRCUIT is an original artwork owned and commissioned by the City and County of Denver.
The call to artists for the project above was administered through CaFE.

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