Upcoming Public Hearing
 850 Eaglecrest Drive & 2075 Island Highway
Wednesday, April 27, 2022
10 am
If adopted, Bylaw No. 580.112, 2019 would change the zoning for the subject property from Residential 1 (R1) to Residential 12 (R12), and would change the Subdivision District from Subdivision District ‘B’ to Subdivision District ‘D’ to permit a 16 lot subdivision. A maximum of two dwellings, in the form of duplexes or single-family dwellings with garden suites or secondary suites, would be permitted on each parcel.

If adopted, Bylaw No. 800.03, 2019 would change the land use designation from Estate Residential to Single-family Residential, and include the subject property in the Urban Containment Boundary. Section 2.2.6 Rural, Policy #7 will be removed.